Karan Mirchandani ,Associate Director

Karan Mirchandani

Associate Director

In Mumbai, a 10-year old kid was abused by a caretaker and the CCTV footage shook the entire nation. In Bangalore, a security guard robbed an ATM machine. A girl was sexually assaulted by a cab driver in Delhi. In Hyderabad, a tenant was accused of having terrorist ties; these incidents can happen to anyone. The risk is inevitable whether at your workplace or home. If we are talking from a business point of view, background screening and verification becomes imperative not only from a compliance stand point, but to ensure and safeguard business productivity and interest.

ONICRA has been instrumental in this space and is effectively helping organizations &homeowners find the right employees. Being in the space since 2012, ONICRA Credit Information Company Ltd. is a National Skills Registry (NSR) enlisted background screening company. Specialized in providing real-time screening information, risk assessment and analytical solution to its clients, ONICRA has grown to be a one-stop shop solution provider to individuals, corporates, SMEs & MSMEs.
Embracing the transformation, Karan Mirchandani, Associate Director, ONICRA, speaks, “We have evolved ourselves from being a traditional company to a complete digital organization. We have automated most of our operations and the upgrade has added tremendous value to our client's business. Moreover, the development has opened doors to innovative products and services.”

HelloVerify – Automating Background Screening Process

In 2012, Karan joined the firm. This was the time when he came across the scope of analytics, big data, machine learning & AI. He and his team started conceptualizing on the idea and began working towards creating a platform called Helloverify in 2015. This platform runs on a unique algorithm to pre-screen the background of individuals using alternative data from various sources. Surprisingly, the platform still in its beta stage took everyone by surprise. However, the upgraded version of this platform, which will be called ‘HelloVerify’ is said to revolutionize the screening industry.

ONICRA's upgraded version of this platform, which will be called ‘HelloVerify’ is said to revolutionize the screening industry

Based in Noida, ONICRA has 300+ highly skilled employees and offers customized solution to its client in terms of quicker delivery of result, real-time update, and assures data security. Also, they have about 100+ corporate clients and tie-ups with various data providers to ensure real-time updates and higher accuracy of results “Our platform is technologically advanced and is poised to give accurate screening result to our clients. At the end of the day, our screening platform certifies the background history, personal characteristics, and creditworthiness of an individual to help build and showcase their credibility for commercial transactions and hiring decisions across domains,” concludes product manager Naina Nigam.