Organic Express: Fuelling The Organic Food Industry With Authenticity & Quality

Dr. H.S. Shetty,Chairman & Managing Director

Dr. H.S. Shetty

Chairman & Managing Director

According to a recent study conducted by IMARC Group, it is claimed that the Indian organic food market is poised to grow at a CAGR of 23.8 percent between 2023 and 2028 and reach $4602 million by 2028. However, the domain is also mired in various fraudulent and unauthentic organic food production practices. To thrive in such an industry, multiple food company owners often turn a blind eye to those discrepancies, but Dr. H.S. Shetty - a business veteran, an NRI returnee, and an environmentalist - was one of the very few who embarked on a journey of leading a change.

Having served the industry for around four decades, Dr. Shetty sensed and catered to the need for reliable partners who deliver quality and authentic products worth the price. “When I was in the edible oil refineries, I realized that the key to getting cost-competitiveness right lied in adulteration, which reduced the quality along with the price. Hailing from an agricultural family and with three decades of experience in the food industry, I endeavoured to produce and integrate the best organic supplies into the industry in the form of my venture, Organic Express,” explains Dr Shetty. Committed to providing home-grown, chemical-free, and GMO-free products, the Bangalore-headquartered Organic Express operates as one of the major arms of Mysore Mercantile.
(MMCL), a 23-year-old award-winning, 3-star export house recognized by the government of India. In addition, the company also provides renewable energy and warehousing and is steered by the collective expertise of Dr. Shetty, the Chairman & Managing Director and the core expert team of 200 personnel overseeing each operation.

Backed by 100 suppliers and eminent professional institutions, MMCL ensures safe and timely export and trading of agricultural commodities and products, including yellow corn, rice, sugarcane molasses, and coffee beans, at a competitive price. While its warehouses, located in major ports in India, are well-equipped to handle cargo, shipping, documentation, and dispatches, the company also transports efficiently by partnering with reputed freight forwarders and logistics providers. The group also stands tall with services covering EPC Engineering, Procurement and construction Contracts as well as grid-connected generation of renewable energy from wind, hydro, and solar sources.

Organic Express ensures that their products are natural & strives to eliminate every chance of adulteration, right from production to packaging of the products

Dr. Shetty believes in the philosophy of slowing down to speed up without altering his sheer focus on providing the highest quality and standard services. Following his foot¬prints, Organic Express also ensures that their products are natural and strives to eliminate every chance of adulteration, right from production to packaging. “For example, since we did not get the intended quality, we stopped outsourcing coffee grinding and set up our own roasting ma¬chines and blenders to produce pure coffee. In terms of milk production, I have procured pure breeds of cows that weigh around 700 kg each, and I have spent almost Rs.2 lakhs on a cow,” states H.S. Shetty.

As per him, in a bid to increase their profitability, many brands dodge educating people about organic living, which is essential in today’s age. “People, especially youngsters, should know what they are eating and what goes into the production of their food. Unlike others, we are striving to educate people by connecting consumers with farmers by setting up video conferences,” proclaims Dr. Shetty. The company is also currently working to form experience centers where customers can understand the product and make an informed decision about the purchase. The company also seeks to enhance its product portfolio by focusing more on Joni Bella (liquid jaggery) and coffee and envisions breathing life to its vision of creating a healthier society in this era of extreme modernization.