Ormeal: Healthiest Organic Baby Food

Veen Pula,Founder
Veen Pula, Founder

A unique start-up focused in the space of organic baby food which provides the safest and the healthiest food to the coming generation of the country is what best describes Hyderabad based Ormeal Foods. Ormeal believes in bringing the healthier food habits which once were part of the diet and this is no disruption but going back to good old days. “In this process, we ensure to come up with products which complement the changing needs of parents such as Organic, healthy, travel-friendly and most importantly ready to eat food for their little-loved ones. We do ensure best of practices in procurement to production to packing to deliver our promise,” speaks Veen Pula, Founder, Ormeal Foods Pvt. Ltd.

The company ensures to provide high quality and safe productswith an emphasis on minutest details like multi-layer patented packaging wherein the contents of fresh fruit are packed in an inert atmosphere where there is no scope any microbial development to contaminate the food. This seamless amalgamation has given
rise to some of the most pristine baby food products with no preservatives, no dilution and the richness of fruits cherry-picked from the best farms in Europe. “We want our organic products for babies to be accessible and affordable for each mother of our country who loves and cares for her baby as we do,” mentions Veen.

" Ormeal has a very clear and focused roadmap in terms of product launch and the presence across the various stages and categories of baby food"

There are immense benefits of choosing Ormeal to the parents as well as the overall ecology. Being a 100 percent organic product with no harmful chemicals, pesticides and GMOs, Ormeal ensures a better taste and also boosts the immune system of little one. “Besides this, we take up a task of ensuring a balanced agricultural diversity by promoting organic products,” he says.

A product based company, Ormeal is placed at the terminus of the Value chain which directly takes the consumer perspective and provide the solution in the form of its authentic and best quality products. “Rather than open door policy, we have no boundary policy. Though responsibilities are well defined everyone is equal and together in this boat. Together we are in each team member’s highs and lows. Achievements are for the team and failures are also
borne by all. Being visionary is a prerequisite being in team Ormeal. Hence, our team keeps us ahead of the game,” he informs.

The company does not believe in traditional marketing, rather in user engagement practices first hand. It has its own #MommyDiaries series and blogs available for users to interact to directly with on social media handles. As a customer-focused quality centric brand, Ormeal leaves no stone unturned to keep up to the highest standards of food quality. “Our values and roots are strong and with continued support from the investors by looking at the long-term perspective and not the short success, we continue to be a key player in the market,” adds Veen.

The Road Ahead
Ormeal has a PAN India presence and over the years has grown 10 folds in employee count. Prominent retail chains across India are the channel partners for Ormeal which helps it to reach out to its esteemed consumers. Ormeal is mentored and guided by well-known and respected food scientists, Nutritionist and medical consultants across the country.

Ormeal has a very clear and focused roadmap in terms of product launch and the presence across the various stages and categories of baby food. “With great support and acceptance from the customers we are more than ready to prepone the future launches,” he concludes.