Pallavi Vermi Farm: Building Organic India

Amit Kumar Upadhyay,FounderOrganic farming has become popular over the past years as compared to traditional farming. With an objective to keep pace with this tremendous demand, Pallavi Vermi Farm was established. Being an IT professional, Amit Upadhyay was serious towards venturing into something non-traditional. Thus the partnership was established in September 2011. Amit wanted to initiate some really good jobs for the rural people and thus keeping in mind the unhindered and increasing use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides everywhere, a manufacturing unit of Organic fertilizers seemed to be a good start-up.

During the initial years, it took considerable time for the company to convince the farmers and customers to buy organic products. The team discovered strategic ways through which they could sell their products at a reasonable price maintaining the quality at the same time. At present, they have established in-house state-of-the-art production unit, which is backed up by highly sophisticated equipment and machinery.
“Besides manufacturing, we carry on research on our products all the time. We have some areas where we have our own plantations. Any new product or modified product is tested on own plants first and then only if the result is satisfactory, it is recommended to the buyers. To maintain the purity of the products, we keep on testing the pesticides and heavy metal residues every six months from reputed laboratories,” speaks Amit.

Pallavi Vermi Farm encourages the young entrepreneurs who are willing to have a start up in the organic segment

Further, Amit gives utmost importance to the process of preparing the product. By using the latest technology, team Pallavi Vermi prepares the same vermicompost in a much shorter time keeping the nutritional values intact. “For the commercial production of vermicompost and organic fertilizers, we use the age-old concepts which are more viable and we are sharing these tricks and techniques to all those who are connecting with us.

We are already working with the tea gardens of Siliguri, Kalchini and Assam and with some nurseries in West Bengal as well. We are encouraging the young entrepreneurs who are willing to have a start up in the organic segment. We are also welcoming the farmers who are interested in organic farming or are willing to set
up their own production units of manure,”asserts Amit.

Promoting organic cultivation for an ‘Organic India’, Pallavi Vermi offers a wide range of products under the brand name Astitvaa - Organic Manure, Vermicompost, Organic Manure (especially for tea plants), Organic pesticides and Growth boosters.

The company also has a product especially prepared for metropolitan and urban areas where the scope of home and kitchen gardening is very less. “This product is our ‘All – in – One Instant Soil Kit’. You just need to cut and pour this into the planter and then you can plant the sapling or seed. It provides a complete diet for both indoor and outdoor plants including palms and orchids,” he says.

The journey which once began with only one client has now gathered 10 permanent clients who purchase products from them on a regular basis throughout the year. The present turnover is approximately 85 lakhs to 1 crore and at present, the products are supplied in five states viz. Assam, Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand, Sikkim and West Bengal itself. For the future, Amit and his team have plans to increase their annual production capacity to 10,000 M.T and are also looking forward to opening nurseries in different states of India under the franchise of Pallavi Vermi Farm where more immune and more adaptable sapling of all types of plants will be available.