Piscium Health Sciences: Brining Innovation to Dental Health

Malay Dixit & Dr. Trupta Dixit,FoundersDriven by a huge diabetic population and increasing rural incomes, apathy towards dental health is changing fast and for better. Piscium Health Sciences is a Dental and Medical Devices business involved in research and development and providing improved solutions for dental practitioner. It was established in 2017 with headquarters in Navi Mumbai. Mr. Malay Dikshit and Dr Trupta Dikshit are the founders of the company.

The current portfolio of products offered by the company consists of Dental Burs and Alignates that have been developed by the Research and Development efforts of the company. Dental Burs are small rotary cutting tools that are used by the dentists for tooth preparation purposes, root canal treatment, treating caries, affixing dental crowns on patients etc.

Dental alginate impression material is another must-have in the dentist’s office. They developed this product from scratch using help from Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai. The company has a full suite of over a hundred variants in Nano Diamond Dental Burs which are useful across multiple dental procedures. It is also collaborating with dentists to develop custom- made designs and kits.

The Country Is Mostly Dependent On Imports For Dental Consumables
According to National oral health survey, 80 percent of Indians suffer from a dental
ailment and less than 45 percent have ever visited a dentist. India is dependent on imports to fulfil dental consumables demand. Piscium realised that the dental bur, a basic necessity at the dental clinic is all imported and decided to manufacture them in India. Using a technique called chemical vapor deposition or CVD, they grow nano diamonds on the sharp blades of dental burs to get superior performance. They have a patent in this Subject.

Piscium has a small yet full fledged manufacturing capacity in Navi Mumbai which manufactures burs and dental alginates. The machine for nano diamond coating is designed and fabricated in India. Capacity expansion plans for both Alginates and Burs are firmed up.

Diamond made by using CVD technology has the hardness led cutting ability and near zero coefficient of friction. Synthetic diamond or diamond like carbon (DLC) deposition is used extensively in the automobile industry for plungers and small parts where the frictionless motion is critical. CVD Diamond is coated on industrial tools in a handful of locations in the world and being used for graphite machining, aerospace machining and electronics where accuracy is of utmost importance. DLC coating on heart stents has the potential to make the stent resistant to recalcification.

The current portfolio of products offered by the company consists of Dental Burs and Alignates that have been developed by the Research and Development efforts of the company

The commercial launch of CVD Diamond coated medical cutting devices probably hasn’t happened anywhere else.

After Market Testing Stage, Piscium will Upscale Production
The company is at a market testing stage in Mumbai and a small team of sales executives remain in constant touch with the dentists. The dentists are enthusiastic about indigenous products and the new innovation looks promising to them. Out of the 500 dentists the company reached out to, over 200 of them have bought the products. After scaling up the capacity, Piscium will be poised for national launch.

Upscaling production is the nearest priority for the company now along with geographical expansion. The creative agency at the company, Medulla, uses digital medium to deliver similar outcomes as the conventional promotional routes like expos or CMEs. The company plans to launch two new innovations in a year. After upscaling, the company is looking forward to a series A by the year end.