Pohewala: Hosting Healthy & Tasty Poha

Holding the sixth position in the world, Indian food processing enterprises has witnessed a tremendous upsurge of food outlets. However, non-native food items spiralled up in the recent times. These eatables have often been censured for being less nutritive. In the midst of such circumstances Chahul Balpande, a young and vivacious highflyer decided to awake the memory of the people about the overlooked or rather left behind the goodness and tang of India's famous eats that are not only palatable but are nutrimental at the same time. After spending considerable time and taking into account the needs and wants, he chose to be in the business of peddling pohathick beaten rice cooked with different flavouring through Pohewala country’s only online food delivery platform that delivers authentic and delicious poha. “People seem to have almost forgotten about our traditional cuisine, and poha is one of them. Even though it is prepared and eaten in day-to-day meal in almost every home, its nutritious worth did not get enough bangs in the drum for. So, I decided to call attention to the finest nosh we own and enable it reach every folk with an appetite to treat,” avers Chahul. Pohewala was co-founded by Pawan Wadibhasme who manages the logistics department now and Ganesh Bankar, a partner in Pohewala manages the kitchen department.

The Journey

Chahul has been a part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem for over six years. In this tenure he worked on various projects and experimented with different ventures. This gave him unerring knowledge about the different genres of businesses which has indeed helped him identify the most lucrative line of work, the food tech industry. Consequently, the corner stone of an online food delivering platform Pohewala was laid. “Being involved in the industry helped me to understand the mannerism of the divers disciplines. Out of all foodtech appeared to be the most remunerative concern in this present time that can earn us prosperity and at the same time help others fill up their
appetite,” he states.
Chahul Balpande, Founder
When it was time to single out the kind of food the company would market, Chahul chose poha which is tasty and healthy and can be consumed at all hours. Another major objective of initiating Pohewala was to deliver healthy food to people at odd minutes and so the company takes orders and delivers food from 11pm at night to 3 in the morning. It has engineered an interesting website where all types of pohas are displayed in the menu. The speciality of this online restaurant is that it prepares all food observing the traditional recipes. As it is based in Nagpur, it dishes popular Nagpuri pohas at a moderate price. To remain ahead of the curve and give proper shape to its unique deliveries, the company is paying special attention to the packaging, food quality and timely deliveries. Furthermore, with every delivery it furnishes a bottle of water that too free of cost. “The basic concept of Pohewala was to provide healthy food to people at odd hours. And poha is the power pack of health and taste. So we are observing the homely and authentic course of action in preparing poha. We are also maintaining great attention to hygiene and packing,” he adds. The ease the functioning of the company it has put up a cloud kitchen, co-opted experienced and dedicated team who have managed to live all obstacles and elevate the company’s position. It has banded hand with leading food delivery platforms like Swiggy, Uber Eats, and Zomato.

Pohewala is promoting and standardizing Indian food

Till date, Pohewala has successfully completed 50 thousand unique orders. It has delivered about 200 plates to the Nagpur airport and frequently takes orders from the corporate offices. At present it operates in Mumbai, Goregaon, Aurangabad, and Nagpur, and aims to spread all over the nation. It strongly intends to maintain the authenticity and taste of the poha and at the same time secure the trust and love of its customers.