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The story of HireAssure began on a sunny December Monday morning amidst the crowded and gridlocked road to Whitefield, Bangalore. This is where a prospective employee who, after promising to join, on the very same Monday morning, vanished without a trace. While a long standing and key client was lost that day – for the Founders of HireAssure, this was a "Eureka" moment and thus began the journey of HireAssure – a platform which predicts joining probability of candidate for a potential employer.

Most organizations even today are captive to ‘spray and pray’ recruitment model.Organizations “spray” offers to candidates and then “pray” that they join and stay with them. One company that is disrupting this model by helping organization predict the joining probability of a candidate via precise data-driven predictive analytics is Postero Technologies. “Today, this is a fundamental hiring challenge faced by every organization – big or small. Sensing this, we came up with HireAssure – which helps unaided hiring managers move to empowered hiring managers, which helps organizations move from multiple offers to compelling offers and move from reactive actions to proactive actions. This ensures Talent Acquisition teams move from a “one size fits all” to a “personalized” hiring strategy” avers Buddhadeb Das Gupta aka Deb, Co-Founder, Postero Technologies.

HireAssure – Analyzes, Predicts and Reduces Hiring Efforts and Costs

Being the first of its kind in HR Analytics for Recruitment,
Buddhadeb Das Gupta & V. Muralikrishna,Co-FoundersHireAssure addresses an extremely critical and yet unfulfilled need of the market. V. Muralikrishna aka VMK, Co-Founder, Postero Technologies, further explaining the mechanism of the platform says “There is a lot of public data available about organizations as well as job seekers on social media platforms, job portals, corporate rating websites etc.HireAssure utilizes a 3-dimensional approach to a candidate’s public profile, the current organization’s public profile as well as the prospective employer’s public profile to arrive at the joining probability indicator. The utility of this indicator lies in creating visibility to organizations about the likelihood of a candidate joining – at a very early stage in the recruitment cycle i.e. the CV screening stage, and use it for creating personalized hiring strategies.”

HireAssure is designed in such a manner that it can be configured to meet the needs of every industry irrespective of their size, domain, and location by training the predictive model with industry and organization-specific data.
implementation the only set up time required is for training the model for the specific customer organization.

“An important factor that every Talent Acquisition professional ought to bear in mind while using HireAssure is that the joining probability is not to be used to “categorize” a candidate joiner or non-joiner but rather as an insight which would help in improving Interview to Join ratio. At end of the day it is a probability and hence it is a guiding principle while interacting with the candidate.” says VMK.

HireAssurehelps Revenue Assurance teams achieve higher topline and lower costs for the same Sales effort by bringing predictability to hiring.

Since its inception in 2015, Postero Technologies has been doubling their revenue in the past two years, and they also provide services in software development, digital, testing and global delivery framework to its clients across the globe. “We are in an expansion phase, and our focus will continue to be on creating next generation features for HireAssure like NLP and Machine Learning based Job Description and Candidate skill matching, out of the box integration with industry leading Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and many other exciting features.” concludes Deb.