Qubit AI: Emerging Name in Deep Tech Start-Up Ecosystem

Shreeram Iyer,CEOWhile 2020 set us up for rapid digital transformation, the `new nor-mal' has now made a permanent place for itself among us in the form of virtual reality, touchless experiences, and always-on omnipresence. This changing consumer behaviour has provided the tail-winds for the Indian start-up ecosystem and accelerated the adoption of deep tech solutions. Technology has become an integral part of any business now. With the introduction of many new technologies such as IoT, blockchain, and machine learning, it has become necessary for business owners to understand their scope of usage. This is where deep tech-based start-ups come into play. They provide business owners with effective AI solutions that can be used to optimize their business operations.

Qubit AI is a deep tech-based start-up that is one of the emerging names in the industry. It is a progressive technology firm focused on delivering high-quality AI solutions for businesses. Mr. Kali Gadiraju, Managing Director, Qubit AI, says, "Qubit AI Technologies is a Deep Tech company that is committed to democratizing all future technologies like AI, IoT, and Blockchain. Qubit has created an open-source deep tech plat-form called DLTK (Deep Learning Tool Kit) and DLTK Enterprise (DE)which also enables Self-service AI, which all business managers can use without prior knowledge of AI."

Accelerating the Tech Journey
Qubit AI was founded with the sole purpose of providing high-quality AI-based and technological solutions to businesses and to help them accelerate their growth journey. With great leadership and professional talents, Qubit AI is dedicated to transforming the technological landscape with advanced innovative methods and continuous research. Innovation, Transparency, Trust, and Account-ability are the core values upon which the company works.
Qubit AI has developed two plat-forms, namely DLTK and DLTK Enterprise. While DLTK is single user open-source deep tech platform DLTK Enterprise in a multiple user platform with intuitive design and visuals i.e graph charts, matrices etc. Both are used by business owners to get AI insights to shape their business better with AI and IoT. "DLTK and DE are created in such a way that they can compete at the same time complement competitor products in the Deep Tech space. DE, it is AI for decision-makers one need not be IT experts, anymore to get insights from AI. Business guys can upload their excel data or connect their Databases to the DE and get AI insights for their LOB. It's simple, smart, intuitive, and efficient," says Sridhar Seshadri, Co-founder.

Kali Prasad Gadiraju

Qubit is a product focused company and hence they came up with COIN methodology. COIN stands for Co-Innovation. Qubit AI is partnering with various system integrators and application development companies globally and onboarding them on DLTK and DE. System Integrators are seeing lot of value with DLTK and DE as it is both efficient and faster system. Both DLTK and DE are cloud agnostic, syntax neutral, and industry generic platform helping Qubit's partners to embrace AI and fast track AI transformation. Shreeram, CEO says, "The product was built taking inputs from a couple of Billions Dollar GlobalEntities, and it took around 11 months to create such a beautiful product, and in less than 2 of sales effort months 5 System Integrators Partners, and a few businesses have approached to partner with us."

Sridhar Seshadri

Towards a Digital Future
Since its establishment, Qubit AI has been able to create decent custom-er base and is on the way to establishing its brand name. With their excellent leadership and dedicated team of experts, they are focused on transforming the technological landscape. "We have got great traction for demystifying Deep tech, and we have been able to impress businesses across EMEA and Oceania. The game is beautiful and every second week, we enhance products with features demanded by businesses" concludes Shreeram.