Radio Orange FM: Redefining Radio

Inu Majumdar,   Director & CEO

Inu Majumdar, Director & CEO

Inu Abhijit Majumdar’s prowess and love over music riveted her to initiate a Radio channel, named Radio Orange, through which she intended to spread positivity and melody across people. She is the youngest first female CEO of the Radio industry having her own show “The Inu Majumdar Show”. Her creative gift, eminence and the desire to make an affirmative contribution in this domain incited her to lay the founding stones of this young and avantgarde channel. However, from the time of its inception,it has been a trendsetter. It has ditched the conventional methods and fostered a very idiosyncratic strategy to fabricate its functionality, programmes, and behaviour.

World of Entertainment has many colors and Radio Orange tried to bring every shade in their every performance, starting from the social activities incorporating with SWACH BHARAT ABHIYAN city cleaning drives till the untouched
topics of menstrual taboos from awareness for vote till greenifying the respective places. “Our every topic took us to a new height even PM Mr. Modi expressed his feeling about our social steps in Mann Ki Baat,” she says. It’s not only the activities but some of the unique show properties that differentiates Radio Orange from the league, they have India’s first show that is hosted by a blind human encyclopaedia of Bollywood - RJ Shanawaz & they also have India’s first farmer Radio Jock who has one sided fan following, plus the CEO’s show which has received calls from all the ages for the suggestion and guidance to live a positive life with the truth of acceptance. Inu and her team have really created a wonderful world for every one I n their listener's list.

"Every brick of Radio Orange uncloaks passion, dream, and creativity"

She considers it is an inventive platform which succors people to fulfil their dreams. It makes space for positive and creative people. And so this broadcasting firm is blessed to have a team that is insightful, imaginative and exceptionally talented. Its prolific team has boosted its advancement and helped it thrive in this ecosystem. To which she avers, “I’m fortunate to have a competent team. Like me, my team is also positive and creative and together we have engendered Radio Orange.” To maintain a robust
environment in the workplace, she has bestowed complete freedom to the employees. She is of the belief that a liberal workplace can boost productivity, makes the team more capable and motivated.

Radio industry is afflicted with a number of challenges and problems such as unimaginative leadership integrating digitization, sponsors and above all generating lucrative revenue. Some of these issues did create certain hitches for Radio Orange too. But with a positive determination and ardent passion, it had sorted out every single hurdle on its way. “We have tackled every obstacle and have obtained a significant position in the market and in the hearts of our listeners too. We have stepped in with utmost preparation in order to face the fierce competition. Today, we hold the number one position and are one of the most preferred Radio channel,” states Inu.

Radio Orange is resolute to stop at nothing. The firm aims to bid for about 30 stations in the times to come. To put it in short, its only grail is to become the number one FM station in the entire country.

In essence, every brick of Radio Oranges uncloaks passion, dream, and creativity. It is a house of different piquant, gratifying all moods. “Radio Orange as it is the tangiest place in the world, catering both the taste of life both sour(khatta)and the sweet (meetha),” she concludes.