SAEL Energy Solutions: The Solar Architecture

Saji Phillip,Founder & CEO

Saji Phillip

Founder & CEO

William Blake has once quote "Great Things are done when men and mountains meet". If challenges are met with great determination and will power, success is bound to happen. The story of iron-willed Saji Phillip and his will to accomplish his aspirations are a testament to this platitude. His resolution of creating an impressive stance in the renewable and green energy field prepared the way for the establishment of SAEL Energy Solutions- a green energy solutions provider that offers tailor-made products and services for Indian and global clients with focus on rooftop solar and turnkey solar/wind energy projects.

The core objective behind structuring this concern was to make significant cutbacks in the power costs and promote the adoption of green energy among organizations. "I belong to a very different domain and honestly have no background in the renewable energy sector but the benevolence of the domain has always captivated my interest. My idea of venturing into this sphere earned me earned much cynical feedbacks, yet I never gave up and marked towards shaping the ambition of setting up a solar power solution and products manufacturing outfit," narrates Saji Phillip, Founder & CEO, SAEL Energy Solutions.

Its Specialities
The deftness of the company lies in the structuring top-grade solar solutions for Solar Roof Top, Turn-key/EPC, O&M, Power Purchase, and other green energy threads. It confers its offerings to residential, commercial & industrial establishments.
Anyone who is flustered with the increasing prices of energy, fossil fuels, energy security and such similar needs can turn to SAEL Energy Solutions for well-favoured and well-founded clean and inexhaustible green energy solutions. The company embraces observes a 360 degree analysis to decide on the safest, affordable, technologically equipped and ten-able course of action to assist its customers stepping towards right solutions for energy security.

Under its development support services, the company antes up special development support services categorized under the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), Government Order (GO), Procurement of Land and related activities, Liasoning with agencies, Right of Way and Transmission Lines. It has in-house expertise of professional for Budgeting, Risk Analysis, PPA, Site Evaluation and related activities.

The deftness of the company lies in the structuring top-grade solar solutions for Solar Roof Top, Turnkey/EPC, O&M, Power Purchase, and other solar energy threads

To keep up the unique structure of system design and efficient productivity, the company draws on the up to minute technology available in the market, efficient modules, inverters, auxiliary products and other such state-of-the-art accessories. To make sure that all the endeavours are carried out correctly, SAEL Energy Solutions has secured the service of top professionals from the civil, electrical, structural, and engineering space. The team responsibly execute every operational activities of the company.

The Growth and the Roadmap
From the very first year, SAEL Energy Solutions has been involved in structuring major projects. Beginning with 24 MW Wind power sale with Wipro in India, the company has ventured in to international green power arena with major projects in Ghana, West Africa and in Middle East.

One of its significant advancements was associations with leading service providers in India and abroad which eventuated in the solar rooftop operations. In a limited time span, SAEL Energy has successfully completed a great number of solar projects and consulting services.

Taking into consideration the kind of response and head ways it has made so far, SAEL Energy Solutions intends to ameliorate the value set of solutions it offers in fact, engineer offerings that are a cut above than the existing ones. It is embarking on bringing its solar and wind assets and tread towards expanding its business in the retail and institutional segments in India and mega projects overseas, especially in African countries.