Saints & Monks Tours: Experience the Ease of Travelling

(L-R)Deepak Sahay & Sukant Chaudhari, Founders and,Jasleen Kaur, Head - Product & Business Development

(L-R)Deepak Sahay& Sukant Chaudhari, Founders and Jasleen Kaur, Head - Product & Business Development

With an experience of nearly two decades in the travel & tourism industry, any creative business mind would like to unleash their potential and explore new horizons. Sukant Chaudhary & Deepak Sahay with the same mindset decided to venture out with a travel & leisure company, Saints & Monks Tours in 2017. “I have been in this industry for the last 17 years. Deepak and I met over a cup of coffee and we decided to start something on our own. The planning and research rarely took us two years, and after
which we were able to get the seed funding and finally launched our own travel startup,” says Sukant.

The Way to Business
In the travel & tourism industry, the competition is huge. The founders of Saints & Monks Tours being
industry experts have hit the right tones for conducting any business. “There are two ways we are going forward with the business. The first one being the B2B model, wherein we're in touch with different agents from all over the world, who are giving us businesses. The next one being the B2C model wherein the clients are coming directly on our portal and we're able to generate businesses through promotions all over the world. We even have our own representatives in a number of countries like Italy, Spain, Latin America, Turkey, among several others, who also generate business for us,” says Deepak.

" In a short period of time, Saints & Monks as a startup has shown
promising results which stands as the testimony of the bright future ahead of it "

When it comes to services offered, Saints & Monks Tours has a very customer-centric approach. The satisfaction of a customer is the topmost priority for it. Sukant says, “Putting aside a few days for vacation and getting travel documents in their own country for the clients, we take the responsibility to do the hotel bookings, the transportation, the air & railway tickets, their meals, their guide service, their assistance upon arrival and every other aspect related to the
customer’s satisfaction.”

The Way Forward
In a short period of time, Saints & Monks as a startup has shown promising results which stands as the testimony of the bright future ahead of it. It is the conviction in ideas and implementations that have made the difference for this travel startup. Deepak states, “We have crossed the initial barriers and are going to end the flush fiscal on a happy note. In the coming years, we expect only growth. We are open to investors and business partners to share the fruits of our profitable business.”

Enjoying the uphill journey, Saints & Monks wants to grow at the same rate. Being associated with the industry for long, the founders have generated a good set of clienteles, spread all across the world. Expressing the future plans for the company, the founders conclude, “Though we began with a small team but future beckons, and we have to scale up soon in the following years. In order to do so, we plan to have the best and find out the sources from where we can get like minded people who believe in hard work with exceptional results. We hope to double in size very soon and make use of the exponential growth in the coming years.”