Sattva Naturals: Embracing Earth's Abundance for Holistic Wellness & Nourishment

Lakshmi Teja,FounderAmidst the growing appetite for healthier choices, organic food has emerged as a star on the culinary stage. With health-conscious consumers seeking nature's bounty, the demand for chemical-free delights has skyrocketed. However, navigating this organic wonderland is no easy feat for firms. Challenges such as limited supply and pesky production costs can cloud their path. Fear not! A competent firm, donned in a cloak of innovation, can outshine these obstacles.

By forging fruitful alliances with organic farmers and crafting a symphony of efficient practices, these firms deliver nature's treasures at fair prices. Based out of Vizag, Andhra Pradesh and established in 2018, Sattva Naturals primarily focuses on non-perishable items, specializing in dal, cereal, and pulses, along with wood-pressed oils. Since 2019, the organization has expanded significantly and is now the leading wood-pressed oil producer in their district with the current oil production capacity of 12,000 litres per month.

In response to the growing interest in incorporating millet into diets, Sattva Naturals introduced ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat Millet foods, offering convenient batters and freshly cooked millet meals served from a food cart within the premises. The store features a wide range of products commonly found in supermarkets, all sourced from natural farming or certified organic sources. Besides staples like spices, ghee sugar and jaggery, Sattva Naturals have ventured into body and skincare products.
A unique attraction is a separate room showcasing age-old cooking utensils made of cast iron, bronze, and brass, reviving traditional cooking techniques used by the ancestors. This emphasis on preserving culinary heritage sets the store apart and resonates with customers seeking authentic and sustainable products.

“Initially, I had around 10 products in my store, aiming to start farming and selling produce directly. However, my mentors suggested I enter the retail trade first to understand the market and build a customer base. Organic trade was relatively new in the Tier-II city, but the pandemic and media coverage helped create awareness. Gradually, I expanded my product range, but I am selective in what I stock. I personally visit manufacturers, sample their products, and analyze customer feedback before adding them to the store. Everything in my store is handpicked and thoroughly studied, ensuring a curated portfolio of high-quality products", asserts Lakshmi Teja, Founder of Sattva Naturals.

At Sattva Naturals each product is curated with love & care, empowering our customers to embrace a wholesome, sustainable lifestyle

Sattva Naturals was conceived as an idea by Lakshmi during her tenure at IIM- Bangalore and now stands tall with seven brick and mortar stores. For new additions, such as the batters and ready-to-cook meals, the organization conducts free sampling sessions to gauge customer interest and obtain valuable feedback for product improvements. “Quality control remains our top priority, and we inspect packaged products for tampering and verify packaging dates. In the case of wood-pressed oils, meticulous raw material selection ensures desired oil quality. Additionally, maintaining a hygienically clean environment during production processes is crucial. These strategies reflect our commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction, product effectiveness, and overall excellence", adds Lakshmi.

The Way Ahead
In the quest for the future, Sattva Naturals envisions embracing organic farming as the primary goal, a journey that has been deeply rooted in the founder's passion. The organization aspires to engage in hands-on farming, exploring the potential of the fields and the natural bounty. Recently, Sattva Naturals initiated a commendable endeavor, offering support and knowledge to unskilled individuals interested in the oil manufacturing process. The organization believes that by sharing insights into machine operation, the underlying science, and essential mathematics, individuals can be empowered to create their own livelihoods.