Selfanimate: Online DYI Video Platform to Create Awesome Videos!

Siddhartha Gupta & Lawrence Alfonso,FoundersMarketing is an ever-changing function and with the widespread digitization, it is witnessing a huge revolution. Marketers are investing in new strategies, programs and capabilities to enhance the client experience and ensure business success. According to research, 87 percent of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool. And this phenomenon is expected to further increase as more and more brands and consumers embrace virtual living. Anticipating the wind of change taking place in marketing and the rise of video as a must-have in the marketing toolkit, Siddhartha Gupta together with Lawrence Alfonso established Selfanimate.

Selfanimate - best defined as an innovative cloud-based video-making platform that offers do-it-yourself (DYI), pre-made slideshow video templates that anyone from 8 to 80 years can use to create personalized video messages. "We will soon be launching a third format where template effects can be modified, and where video clips can be added and edited alongside photos to make pro-grade videos. We will also introduce animated characters and styles that people can use in the template to make their dream videos come alive without having to spend exorbitantly on production houses," says Lawrence Alfonso, Founder & CEO.
On the business side is the company's latest introduction ­ the Selfanimate GoCampaign, an automated video platform that allows companies to send bulk video mailers or video campaigns that are hyper-personalized by putting customer data to work. It helps companies to leverage the power of dynamic videos in their marketing programs and digital marketing initiatives.

Selfanimate's digital video production capability holds attention towards its corporate videos, animated videos, promo videos and social media videos. The combined experience in marketing and video marketing together with three years of innovation and R& D has helped it develop the unique video maker platform that is world-class in terms of affordability, features and delivery. "We believe that a video is the most powerful way to communicate and share experiences with those you care the most about. That's why we commit ourselves to build a video platform that would empower users to edit and create personalised videos in minutes, by even those who are not techsavvy," mentions Lawrence Alfonso, Co-founder.

Selfanimate is best defined as an innovative cloud-based video-making platform that offers endless possibilities for creating awesome business and personal videos

Sailing against the Wind
Winning over the challenges in terms of brand visibility besides the conventional issues that every start-up encounters along the way, Selfanimate has carved a niche in the market. The company houses a team of video specialists engaged in design, code, content and marketing. It offers over 100 video templates and has more than 10,000 individual registered active users. "Selfanimate GoCampaign, our recent introduction, signed its first customer, a leading insurer in the Middle East for creating more than 300,000 dynamic videos across multiple customer touchpoints," he asserts.

Selfanimate has offices in Chennai and Lucknow in India, and Dallas, Texas, in the USA, hopes to have at least 10 corporate customers by mid-2020 and a subscriber base of 100,000 or more for its B2C platform. "As the most affordable online video maker, we are already positioned as a pioneer in digital video services and with our investments in AI and automation, we will embed interactivity and intelligence into videos helping us widen the gap between us and our nearest global competition. In five years, we hope to be the leader in online video marketing services in the country and a leading contender in the global market as well," concludes Lawrence Alfonso, on a positive note.