Snackible: Healthy, but Tasty Snacks for the Health Conscious Individuals

Aditya Sanghavi ,Founder & CEO

Aditya Sanghavi

Founder & CEO

Today, most of us have started putting greater thought in eating healthy meals. But when it comes to our mid-meal hunger pangs, we usually opt for deep fried or sweet and unhealthy snacks. Observing this compulsive snacking habit in offices, Aditya Sanghavi (Founder & CEO) launched Snackible in May of 2015 to provide healthy, delicious, accessible and affordable snacks. Snackible has come up with a range of 25 healthy and tasty snacks, which can be ordered through various channels including their online portal, other online websites, institutional channels (gyms, nutritionists, corporate canteens, vending machines, 5-star hotels etc) and Retail shops across the country.

Balancing Health & Taste

A food innovation company at its core, Snackible’s food technologists and nutritionists worked extensively to find the optimum balance between health and taste with a variety of unique and innovative snacks. Snacking is driven by impulse, and compromising on taste does not
provide a satisfactory experience to the customers. The health benefits of the snacks range from high protein, high fibre, and gluten free to low fat and low calorie. “One thing we noticed was the pricing factor plays an important role in the purchasing behaviour of consumers. Healthy snacking options available in the market were not providing consumers with value for their money and that lead to very niche market penetration. We have ensured any working professional above a basic income level will be able to afford our snacking options which range from Rs. 45-80 for a packet of snacks,” elucidates Aditya. Their menu includes items such as Dark Chocolate Ragi Cookies and Baked Pizza Stick Dippers, Pudina Okra chips, Roasted Mexican Chickpeas, Dark chocolate power bars, Jalapeno Peanuts and many more.

Snacking is driven by impulse, and compromising on taste does not provide a satisfactory experience to the customers

Snackible started business in May 2015 as a snack subscription business but realised early on that the market was much bigger as a snack brand and started delving into multiple sales channels like online marketplaces, hotels, gyms, corporate canteens, café chains, airlines and obviously brick and mortar retail stores across the country. Currently Snackible is
available across the country in over 800 points of sales including modern trade chains like Godrej Nature’s Basket and Hypercity.

Quality as Identity

Snackible creates the products from scratch with the help of food technologists and nutritionists and then outsource their manufacturing to contract manufacturers, owning full rights to the product and getting scalability without any high capital expenditure. Their product lifecycle from raw concept stage to market entry is under 3 months on average. This puts the company in a very unique position in the market. The manufacturers are well equipped experts in F&B sector. The snacks are prepared and stored in highly monitored and controlled spaces that are screened to ensure the highest degree of hygiene and cleanliness. Snackible follows a 3 layered Quality Control Mechanism to ensure every packet of snack which is shipped is uncompromised.

Future Outlook

Snackible is currently growing at 25-30% revenue growth per month. The company employs a team of 20 people. They are also in the process of revamping their online portal to make it more intuitive to their customer’s preferences. Their focus is also on launching some ground breaking products in the mass market. In the next 2 years the company sees itself as a disruptive force in the FMCG space targeting multiple untapped customer segments with differentiated product offerings.