Social Donut: Enabling Brands Unlock Their True Potential Through Efficient Social & Data Marketing Strategies

Abhinav Rege ,Founder & Managing Partner

Abhinav Rege

Founder & Managing Partner

The marketing and advertising industry has undergone a sea of change in recent times. With the advent of technology, new trends and techniques are emerging each day. Digital marketing has entirely disrupted the way companies go about their branding and advertising practices.

Given the massive advantages it offers, brands are allocating huge budgetson their digital marketing efforts to woo& acquire their customers. Social media marketing is one area of digital marketing that has gathered huge traction in recent times.

As per the research firm Statista, Social Media Marketing industry in India is expected to be worth $1.06 billion by the end of 2022. The increasing smartphone penetration and easy access to internet are the major factors driving the social media marketing industry. Realizing the huge opportunities this segment offers, a multitude of startups are being incepted every day – each wanting to grab their share of the pie.

Standing tall among them is Social Donut, a nextgen social media marketing startup that is enabling brands to effectively reach their target customers through its creative thinking and efficient marketing techniques. Founded in 2017 by Abhinav Rege, the company offers services mainly under three categories – Branding, Design, Development, Marketing and Public Relations.

“Social Donut is an Independent Agency specializing in Design, Development and Marketing. We create growth through insight, strategy, innovation, branding, and design that delivers.
We are a creative and characterful team for hungry and brave clients who believe their brands and businesses deserve to be bigger. We believe in working smarter and thinking differently. The market is highly content driven, and brands are now becoming content generation engines. Advent of actionable data changes a lot of things, as our actions become more data driven”, says Abhinav, Founder & Managing Partner, Social Donut.

As an end-to-end marketing agency, Social Donut offers a wide range of services under Digital Marketing that includes Paid Search Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Programmatic & Native Advertising, Video Advertising and App Marketing.

Specializing in Social Media Marketing, the company assists brands with suitable digital marketing strategies by using the right mix of channels, formats, creative designs, and efficient communication. For Branding, the company carefully studies every aspect of the brand’s relationship with target customers, identifies the emotional reasons for customersassociating with that brand, and then frames a customized branding strategy that not just helps the brands reach-out to their customers, but also maintain a long lasting relationship with them.

“We want to be a one-stop shop for all the digital marketing services – right from content to design to development. Having profound experience serving both B2B and B2C brands, we have a good understanding of the brand needs, and this is what differentiates us from other companies. We also help companies get suitable customer acquisition strategies in place. Also, thanks to our partnerships, we are able to run multiple campaigns for our fintech and BFSI clients”, adds Abhinav.

The core team of Social Donut comprises of Abhinav, Himanshu Pandey (Co-Founder, Head of Performance), AbhinayTiwari (Head – Growth& Partnerships), and Advait Panchal (CTO) – each having in-depth experience and understanding of the industry. Having served an elite list of clienteles that includes names like CoinSwitch Kuber, PineLabs, Bryan and Candy, MobiKwik, ITC Sunfeast, Zee5, Teachmint, PaySense, Navi,the company achievedastoundingrevenue growth of over 300 percent last year, and is confident in repeating that feat this year as well.

We create growth through insight, strategy, innovation, branding, & design that delivers

“Currently, we are offering services to India, the US and the UK markets. We have plans to expand to South-East Asia, Middle East and Latin America regions in the near future. Through this, we want to have a global inventory of publishers. We are also creating our own publisher network which will be owned and operated by us for clients from niche verticals like finance and healthcare”, concludes Abhinav, explaining his company future roadmap.