Social Eagle: Using Digital Channels And Automation To Help Businesses Grow

Dharaneetharan G.D,  FounderIndia's marketing has advanced quickly to keep up with both technological advancements and consumers' constantly shifting needs. Although television still dominates marketing strategies, digital media has emerged as a serious rival and is predicted to overtake it in the next years. Advertisers followed their audiences online as India's consumption of content shifted more and more toward online platforms.

Social media marketing is the strategy of using social media platforms to increase awareness of a company's goods and services while also interacting with consumers, prospects, business partners, and employees. Social Eagle Clients include Asus, Nestle, Hagendas, Naturals, Nature Valley, Ricola, Singapore Management University and many more.

Social Eagle was founded in 2015, with the goal to transform brands by generating more revenue and driving market growth with the help of digital channels. The firm operates in three verticals of Digital services; Digital marketing, Digital solutions, and Digital intelligence. The firm believes that in the current business environment, brands must be present online to some degree to reach their target customers.

“We intend to take advantage of the fact that the average Indian population uses their phones for more than six hours each day. Due to the current trends and changing audience choices, we are focusing more on investing time and resources to the platforms where the brand's customers are easy to reach”, shares Dharaneetharan G.D, Founder, Social Eagle.
Social Eagle holds the opinion that people would continue to utilize and have access to the internet even if the platforms and algorithms changed because this is the way of life now.

Although the firm has readymade templates that are effective in the majority of markets, its approach is distinct for each business. Social eagle alters its strategies to better serve the firm’s clients based on the client market positioning and requirements and provide them with customized solutions. The firm believes social media marketing must result in leads, purchases, loyal clients, and long-term profitability.

“We treat each client's business as if it were our own and hence every strategy we design is targeted towards the single objective of pushing the expansion of our client's business and enhancing their profits”, speaks Dharaneetharan. Any brand's primary goal is to increase its audience and revenue, and the experts at Social Eagle are masters at doing that.

The firm's tried-and-true method lets its clients rule social media by implementing sponsored and organic strategies with good ROI. To guarantee that the objectives of its clients are met within the allotted period, Social Eagle's methods are consistently a perfect fusion of the best traditional & most innovative strategies.

Managing the different parts of digital marketing, operating marketing campaigns, and producing leads are all specialties of Social Eagle's team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals. “We are a highly committed group of digital marketing experts who will collaborate with brands to develop the best marketing plans for their business. We assist brands in converting business opportunities into quality leads that can turn into paying customers”, says Dharaneetharan.

We assist brands in converting business opportunities into quality leads that can turn into paying customers

The firm has the potential to turn small brands into big ones by increasing their awareness and visibility among customers and that is why they are India's leading branding and digital marketing agency. Numerous industries, including real estate, tourism, product launches, market research, and others, make up the firm's clientele. As a people-centric company, Social Eagle maintains the highest standards of quality and integrity to ensure the success of its employees, partner agencies, and the community in which it operates.

We are analyzing data and metrics to identify the best digital solutions— the best digital tools, the best website set-up—that will enable us to serve our clients more effectively and foster their growth since we consider their success to be the key to our own”, closes Dharaneetharan.