Somey's Kitchen: Discover Specialty Foods

Joel Jerome & Sandy Samuel Jerome,Founders
Joel Jerome& Sandy Samuel Jerome

In the UK, Indian cuisine is quite popular and widely well accepted. However, there is a gap in what is supplied in the market and the same old dishes which have been there for decades are served. This is where Joel Jerome and Sandy Samuel Jerome spotted an opportunity to bring something unique and new at the same time authentic and traditional. Also, the gluten, dairy and allergen free market in the UK lacks Indian cuisine dishes. The North Indian market in India is craving for a variety of gluten and dairy free dishes. The duo formed Somey's Kitchen, with gluten free ready to eat chapattis and pooris and gluten free veg / non-veg pickled masalas based on recipes by Mrs. SomeySamuel (Sandy’s mother). The products became an instant hit with the Indian market. The start-up now has set up their global production unit in Bengaluru, India and current serves both the UK and Indian markets.
With a very humble beginning in a rural town in South of India, Somey started to cook and take care of her siblings right from the age of nine as her mother was unwell. Her creativity started right from those days as all the vegetables and meat was available in her own father’s farm. With all the organic ingredients available, she built her cooking skills by trying new dishes on a daily basis to keep her siblings entertained with great tasting and a variety of different types of food.

"UK based Somey’s Kitchen – A new rising brand in India for “Ready to Eat” healthy foods."

Free From Specialty Food
The company constantly works on catering to varied tastes and preferences. Further, it has product offerings under Gluten-Free, Dairy-free, Without Preservatives and Allergen-free products that cater to a wider section of consumers in today's world. It has a unique way of packaging and processing healthy and zero preservatives chapattis /pooris that gives a long shelf life of over six months without refrigeration. “Our aim is to safeguard quality, bring a home-made humble product to suit industry and market standards. It’s a constant battle and requires a lot of R&D, process alterations and machinery being customized to our requirements,” speaks Sandy.
Being a UK company, Somey’s Kitchen not only follows the generic HACCP process but also follow the British Retail Consortium standards for food safety and hygiene. “This gives our customers enough confidence that our food is produced in a very safe, clean and hygienic environment,”she asserts. Somey’s Kitchen’s key target market is the online customers and with the immense usage of social media, it becomes easy for them to connect with online customers faster.

The Brighter Side
Somey’s Kitchen has been set up with the aim to raise money and contribute towards a good cause. To serve this cause, the founders have pledged to donate 50 percent of the profits from each product for charity. Over the years, the company has recorded a decent growth and heavily relies on some of the big online channels like BigBasket and Amazon across PAN India. “Our focus for the next 2 years is to exhaust the Indian and UK market,” adds Joel

In the times to come, team Somey’s Kitchen wishes to increase its sales and reach out to its target audience fully. “We are gearing up for an increased level of production and sales. We are also working on launching new products as well to create more diversity,” Joel concludes enthusiastically.