SQream Technologies: Leading the Way through Innovation

Ami Gal, Co-Founder & CEO

Ami Gal

Co-Founder & CEO

Next-generation genome sequencing is gaining recognition in the human genetics progression for its reasonable cost and simple sequencing analysis through quality assessment, alignment and visualization. This Next-Gen sequencing technique helps in cancer research, asserting genetic causes of rare complex diseases and their diagnosis and therapy. Through innovation of a new technique of data mining, SQream Technologies from Tel Aviv, Israel has conceptualised its way through GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) based SQL database, deploying belligerent compression, assuring major savings in storage providing unmatched speed and cost-efficiency. Amid the idea of GPU-based data analytics, SQream has made a break through in healthcare sector, especially in Genome research.

Evolution of a Future Tech

Harnessing the talents of data analytics and SQL, Ami Gal, the Founder & CEO of SQream Technologies, tried GPU to speed up
call centre applications back in 1997. However, it was not much of a difference since it was a primeval generation of GPUs. Nearly a decade later, he met Kostya Varkin who was trying the similar project using latest NVIDIA

GPUs to shred through SQL analytics and it worked. Envisioning the same idea Ami and Kostya setup SQream Technologies in Tel Aviv, Israel, in late 2010. The blooming market of data analytics received a new technology in terms of GPUs and SQL Servers, which were previously discarded.

This pioneering initiation gave SQream energy to enter into Cyber Security, Finance, IoT industry and Telecom. Path breaking Genomestack and SQream DB, a large size research institute with petabytes of data created out of human genome sequence helped this company to be recognized in genome research. To cherish the data security, SQream organises in house Hackathons for the employees and partners who are awarded for an ingenious idea and success.

SQreamers evolve them through hands on training by experts in the industry, simulation of certain situations and online courses.

SQreamers evolve them through hands on training by experts in the industry, simulation of certain situations and online courses.SQream partnered with multiple industry leaders for financial as well as technological support. Through hiring experts in Haskell, CUDA and
C++, this organization wants to secure its future in the big data analytics industry.

Shaping the Future

With an office at WTC-U.S., SQream is reaching out worldwide and competing with the likes of Oracle, Tera data, HP, Netezza, EMC2 and many more,with the help of young brains and consultants from UK, U.S., and Central & Eastern Europe. Amid visions of becoming a $9 billion company, SQream is captivating steady footsteps through hard work and focus on large data search. SQream has a strong work-ethics as Ami explains, “We very much have an inviting office in Tel Aviv and a strong work culture where every individual in the organization takes part in sharing ideas. We are also an international company, with employees ranging in nationalities, back ground and areas of expertise. SQream only hires the best”. This startup has been showered with various recognitions including‘One to Watch Award’ by NVIDIA, ‘People’s Choice Award’ by US Israel Tech Business Council, ‘MIXiii Israel Award’ by MIXiii and prestigious ‘Tech Trailblazers Big Data Regional Cup Award’ by Tech Trailblazers. As Jeff Pulver, the famous VoIP pioneer correctly said, “When the news comes out, whether it’s a few months or a few years from now, that SQream became the next Israeli exit, don’t be surprised”. The Data Analytics world will be looking forward to this Israel setup for their contribution to the Big Data industry.