STK Foods: Creating Value for All by Introducing Healthy & Nutritious Food

Sangita S, Director

Eating isn’t a health choice anymore, it’s has become a lifestyle choice now. As they say, good health is a great blessing; individuals have increasingly become health conscious which reflects in their buying choice. Today’s hectic lifestyle leaves no space for elaborate meals, thus paving the way for quick, tasty and healthy snacks food options. While Indians are generally known for their excellent taste buds, the changed perception about packaged foods in the consumers' mind has led to the proliferation of healthy snacks market in the country. The consumption of processed food is on an upswing and the demand is slated to increase at an even more significant pace in the near years. Foreseeing the driving growth, many companies have emerged in the food processing space to offer healthy, value-added safe and hygiene products.

Led by a bunch of committed entrepreneurs with a sole focus to ‘Co-Create’, at all levels and address the gap between the available packaged food and the healthy quotient is Pune based STK Foods. The brainchild of Santosh Thakur, STK strives to
deliver the wonderful gifts that nature has in its store in the form of healthy, nutritious and organic foods. Explicating on the inception idea, Sangita S, Director, says,“We were quick to identify that though there were n number of products approved by FDA and goes into product making, still not everyone wanted to consume them. Foreseeing the key concern, we decided to emerge in the healthy food processing spectrum and eliminate ingredients that can be avoided and develop tasty recipes.”

"Since inception, STK Foods has grown aggressively and has witnessed 2x surge in revenue and has 16 products in range"

A pioneer in roasted and flavored makhana category, STKs foremost objective has always been to provide nutritional healthy packaged food to consumers. Not only this, the company strives to create value for stakeholders along with introducing healthy foods and inducing innovative value addition.

POPMAK– The Flagship Offering
STK Foods is a first-of-a-kind company that combines natural foods with modern techniques. POPMAK is one such creation. A low sodium snack, as per USFDA standards, the product comprises of vitamin E as an antioxidant and is gluten-free certified. Considered to be a healthy munching solution for all ages, its unique deliverable ‘POPMAK Freedom’ is made out of natural salts and is sugarfree in nature. Sangita asserts,“With our
niche market product,we are happy that we have been able to add value in human lives. Setting ourselves apart from the rest competitors, we believe that the uncompromised quality and the R&D aspect involved in the product making with the assistance of a strong team speak for itself. ”POPMAK, over the years, has been a popular name in the parent community who firmly believes that it is a perfect match for their child’s health.

For STK, the initial challenge was to introduce 'Makhana' – a nutritious dry fruit among the masses. The company right from explaining to exhibiting it across varied platforms, social media sites, finally was able to create a loyal consumer base and has maintained the same through consistent quality and regular product upgradation. The other offerings include Black Salt Roasted Makhana, Mumbai Chaat Roasted Makhana, PeriPeri Roasted Makhana and more.

A Sentient Company
Incepted in 2012 and backed by an advanced infrastructural base, STKs processing department is outfitted with all the modern machines and the latest processing equipment that ensures to process qualitative products. Since inception, STK has grown aggressively and has witnessed 2x surge in revenue every year and has increased from 2 SKUs to 16 SKUs now. With a strong presence across major Indian cities, USA, UK, Mauritius, New Zealand, it looks forward to expanding across the globe.