Sushain Wellness & Wholeness: Promising An All Encompassing Alternative Healing Ecosystem

Vikram Singh Parmar,   FounderIn the ever-evolving world of healthcare, alternative medicine stands as a beacon of ancient wisdom and holistic healing. Among its many diverse systems, Ayurveda, Unani, and Homeopathy are key players, steeped in the traditions of India, Greece, and Germany, respectively. However, due to historical circumstances, these time tested medicinal approaches became relegated to the sidelines, labeled as ‘alternative’ and often deprived of the recognition they deserve. Enter Sushain Wellness and Wholeness, a pioneering company founded to breathe new life into the realm of alternative medicine. Inspired by the inherent trust people place in Ayurveda, Sushain set out to rectify the challenges that had plagued the field for years. Armed with a vision of a comprehensive 360-degree wellness solution, they embarked on a journey of transformation.Sushain's first goal was to rebuild trust in the alternative medicine ecosystem. By onboarding over a thousand government-registered doctors, the platform demonstrated its commitment to reliability and authenticity. Through video consultations, patients across the country gained access to specialist doctors, overcoming geographical barriers.

Recognizing that alternative treatment goes beyond mere medicine, Sushain crafted a truly holistic experience. Its ecosystem expanded to encompass not only consultations and medication but also yoga, therapies, and personalized diet planning. Patients found a one stop destination for all their wellness needs, unlike any other platform in the virtual consultation industry an all encompassing service deliverability under one umbrella. Further, where traditional

medicine systems struggled to integrate modern advancements, Sushain embraced the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive the needed innovation. By digitizing prescriptions and enabling auto-booking for follow up consultations, they streamlined the treatment process for greater efficiency and transparency.

In a world increasingly turning to alternative medicine for holistic wellbeing, Sushain Wellness & Wholeness stands as a trailblazer, bridging the gap between ancient healing & modern technology

Empowering Ayurveda and Beyond
Sushain's journey began with Ayurveda, and the company's roadmap extends to incorporate other alternative medicinal systems, including Homeopathy and Unani. As they continue to grow, their vision is to become a leading platform for alternative medicine globally.

Within a remarkably short span, Sushain achieved significant mile stones. Onboarding over 1,000 doctors and listing more than 110 reputable brands, they became India's largest marketplace for Ayurvedic products. Their growth rate, expanding by 100 percent quarter on quarter, and recognition from Startup India underscored their immense potential and the trust vested in them. At the heart of Sushain's success lies their core value of compassion. Driven by a passion for excellence, integrity, and agility, the company places the utmost care and empathy in their services. Their dedicated team, including renowned Ayurvedic expert Dr. Rajesh Singh who has been practicing Ayurveda for 51 years now, working tirelessly to make it accessible in its purest form globally.

A Robust Roadmap Ahead
Sushain's immediate focus is to solidify their position in Ayurveda and enhance their brand presence through marketing initiatives. Simultaneously, they are developing platforms for Homeopathy and Unani to broaden their scope and reach. Geographical expansion is also on the horizon, with promising responses from the US, UK, and Australia.

“In a world increasingly turning to alternative medicine for holistic well-being, we stand as a trailblazer, bridging the gap between ancient healing and modern technology. Our innovative approach, underpinned by compassion and dedication, promises to transform the alternative medicine landscape, empowering thousands of patients on their journey towards optimal health and vitality. We also have the Sushain Lite app available on play store with seamless UI/ UX for ease of usage. As we continue to grow and learn, Sushain's impact on the industry is bound to be profound and enduring”, says Vikram Singh Parmar, Founder at Sushain Wellness and Wholeness.