Talent Buffet: Marking the Best Industry Talents Strengthening the Countrys IT Workforce

  Rajeev Agarwal,     Co-Founder

Rajeev Agarwal


Over the years, grappling with dynamic challenges across business and industrial world, as India is witnessing the dawn of positive developments today, given the increasing investments in infrastructure, manufacturing, and acknowledge able boom of IT & ITES sector, including others, the job world is deluged with favourable opportunities to economy. Technology and digitalization of systems & processes are effectively serving as the fuel to drive this. Moreover, while the latest hiring trends highlight maximum recruitments happening in the Telecom, BFSI, Manufacturing, and Retail sectors, Talent Buffet- a staffing & recruitment firm, also strengthens its position leveraging the best talent pool for client organizations.

Established in 2018, Talent Buffet is extensively empowered to critically understanding the manpower recruitment process and delivering to clients the best candidate, by unlocking the best talent, backed by Rajeev Agarwal& Bhagyasree Mitapalli(Co-Founders, Talent Buffet) acknowledgeable 12+ years of experience in the recruitment field. While the company’s focus primarily lies in the IT sector, majorly emphasizing on SAP, Microsoft technology & JAVA, it has the resources to meet client bottom to top level employee requirements with the best possible staffing solutions. Within ERP, SAP is something, the company
is actively stressing on. “While being able to understand the industry in and out, I realized how to grab the troubling career phase as a choice to be able to provide multiple opportunities to a single candidate and let them choose what best suits them, and it resulted in the inception of Talent Buffet”, asserts Bhagyasree.

Automation has always been the main idea/agenda for organizations to grow steadier & stronger while getting tiresome work done, hence Talent Buffet is keenly emphasizing on evolving through automation & deploying human resources on higher productive task through a streamlined process. With every touch of automation, the way Talent Buffet previews data/facts & figures, its decision making is proficiently refining & progressing with a more data driven & practical approach rather an interaction based. However, no company is complete without its high performing team, and Talent Buffet can proudly talk about its team members as readily active resources, always ready for the extra mile run. The firm has a team size of overall eleven recruiters that cater to multiple clients who are specialized in full time placements to contract hirings. “We follow a very clear culture of ‘no micro management’ and give the freedom to employees to work & feel at home, aiming for a longer haul together. Now, we’ve moved to a permanent work-from-home model for all our employees, be it Recruiters or our IT consultants. With the current bench of remote workers Talent Buffet holds an edge regarding quality work in the market”, adds Rajeev.

Started in the US but seen to have a global effect, followed through the western countries to developing countries like India, indeed ‘Great Resignation’ had an opportunity in its silver lining of adversity. Talent Buffet was impacted due to the global recession but survived viewing it as an opportunity."We enjoyed being the devils advocate, getting everyone a win-win situation. Having understood the gap between organizations and candidates the Great resignation has given us a chance to advocate not just one but both sides”, asserts Rajeev.

Future Roadmap
Crafting a positive growth plan ahead, the company wants to become an ITES company and serve multiple organizations helping them to reinvent their products. It’s also in the process to introducing the Resume making and Learning & Development courses in its service portfolio. “Our blueprint for future keeps us abreast of the technology trends, as we believe ‘speed’ to be the new competency & ‘skill’ as new currency, while ‘quality’ being our core value that keeps the business going for us and our clients”, says Bhagyasree.