Talent Rupt: A Talent Community

(L-R) Satyan Choski, CEO,Nishant Trivedi, Vice President

(L-R) Satyan Choski, CEO

Nishant Trivedi, Vice President

AGlobal Offshore Recruitment firm, TalentRupt was a venture born out of pure passion to impact the talent ecosystem. SatyenChokshi had an extensive working experience in HR. Satyen had worked as the head of HR function for various fortune 100 companies like (Pfizer, Moodys, Bank of New York). While working there, he sensed a massive gap around scalability for staffing agencies. Most staffing agencies didn't have a product or IP that could help them scale so they all relied on bringing in more sales people and more recruiters to scale. That's when Satyen comprehended a massive opportunity to scale if partnered with right RPO. He himself ran a successful staffing agency that used various RPO’s in India. But to his disappointment, lot of the RPO couldn't produce what he had hoped for as they lacked the required management. That’s when he decided to sell his staffing agency and ventured out to India and opened his own RPO. Fortunately, he met Nishant Trivedi, a veteran in the staffing space. Together with the keen desire to grow the RPO
space, they envisioned building an organization that truly was designed for recruiters to be successful. This marked the beginning of TalentRupt.

TalentRupt has a very unique culture that has helped them with the retention,a problem that's a huge concern for a lot of entrepreneurs, especially in India.

In a nutshell, TalentRupt is a collection of a unique process, trained management, branding, and culture that promotes hard work, having fun and learning, which according to them is the key to their success. Reminiscing the initial struggle, Nishant Trivedi, Vice President, speaks, “We truly believe TalentRupt has a very unique culture that has helped them with the retention, a problem that's a huge concern for a lot of entrepreneurs, especially in India. At the start, we knew we had to do something different that not only impacts talent communities but build a company where employees are engaged at all times. We are proud to say at this point we have sub 90 percent retention ratio and we give a lot of credit to the culture we have built. This has directly impacted the results that we have been able to give our clients. High Retention = High Productivity.”

At present, team TalentRupt has built three specific product lines - namely - Sourcers, Hybrid
sourcers, full life cycle recruiters to help clients worldwide recruit talent and build talent communities proactively.
Additionally, they also provide real time data to their clients and extensive market data for them to understand the challenges. "Our target audience is staffing agencies that support technology, clinical, legal,finance & engineering recruiting. We also have several small - midsize clients who don't want to invest in their own HR division, we essentially become their offshore recruiting arm," mentions Nishant.

He further says, "Our platform helps agencies pipeline candidates, it allows them to think of a solution for their client before their competition does. We are also building an intelligent database that will help our clients make more placements based on hours of research and data that we have collected over 2 years."

An undeniable fact, Talent Rupt’s recruiters are building relationships and exemplifying this is their growth in the last two years. At this junction of the story, they have 3 offices (2 in Ahmedabad, 1 in Pune) with 50 employees and growing. They are in negotiations to getting another 35-seater by end of march. "Our client base has doubled and revenues have tripled since the last year. Our success is factor of various people who have supported us through journey, our biggest mentor are our clients, we get constant feedback that helped mold our company into who we are," concludes Nishant.