Tea With Susmita: Elevating Experiences with Each Cup of Tea

Susmita Das Gupta,   FounderThe worldwide addiction to tea rests on its pleasant flavour, mildly stimulating effects, and nutritional properties. There are several tea enthusiasts who want to explore and experiment with new variations of tea. This is where ’Tea With Susmita’ marks its presence. Explore the world of fine and specialty teas with a tea artist, who educates tea lovers on the identification, brewing, and enjoyment of specialty and whole leaf Indian tea while bringing to you the freshest tea straight from the gardens.

In 2012, Susmita’s company was appointed by a prestigious British tea company as a consultant to help them expand their footprint in India. At that time, India was scarce of high-end tea brands. This project helped her to explore the world of extraordinary Indian teas, conducted regular tea workshops, and ended up creating India’s first Tea Club ‘It’s Our Cuppa Tea’. Her renewed love for tea lead her to get Formally certified in Sensory Tea Tasting and Tea Blending from an institute in Paris, and travelled across India visiting tea gardens for hands-on learning and training.

Although initially tea was a passion for Susmita, but soon enough when she collaborated with Tea Board of India to conduct workshops and do a series of films on Tea Tourism in India, Susmita converted her passion into brand and a her company Tea With Susmita(TWS), was formed in 2019. The firm offers comprehensive packed whole leaf and specialty Indian tea, TWS’s Signature blends, tea education, tea appreciation workshops and consulting services to tea
brands and aspiring tea entrepreneurs. Some of TWS’ signature blends like Whisky and Rum tea as well as Dessert Tea, have put her brand ahead of many others.

She was the Official Tea Artist and Tea Blogger for AVPA’s ‘Teas of the World Contest’, conducted in Paris in July 2018. She has represented Indian tea at many global and Indian platforms as a Tea Artist so far and has now been invited to join Indian Chamber of Commerce’ Tea Committee. She is involved in providing training programs to hotels and restaurants and takes tea classes and hotel schools.

Tea With Susmita's goal is not just to sell tea, but to educate individuals on how to discover, recognize, brew, and savor exquisite teas. Essential to this objective are educational classes, hosted by Susmita herself. In these informative gatherings, she imparts crucial knowledge on how to appreciate a good cup of tea through sensorial experiences, as well as the art of brewing and food pairing. The mission of Tea With Susmita is furthered by these programs, which are held in conjunction with luxurious hotels and tea plantations in cities such as Bengaluru and Kolkata.

“While many brands sell different kinds of tea, our objective is to introduce people to exceptional, fine teas from India and make them globally available", states Susmita, Founder of Tea With Susmita. Susmita's philosophy is not just about marketing these high-end tea, but is also focused on educating people how to fully enjoy and relish them.

Susmita is also involved in sourcing teas from some of the country's best tea estates. She ensures her customers have access to fresh and unique teas, regularly picking fresh batches. She offers these premium teas under her brand name,'Tea With Susmita’, as well as her signature blends like Jamaican Rum, Happiness Blend, Celebration tea and a series of dessert teas such as Red Velvet, Tiramisu, and others catering to various moods and occasions throughout the day.

Tea With Susmita goes beyond exceptional teas. She provides comprehensive advisory services for startup tea businesses, including crafting business plans, brand name creation, tea blend recipes, packaging design as well as Go-To market strategies.It’s a one-stop solution for building a successful tea brand. She hopes many more tea entrepreneurs to join the industry and that every one of them be well trained in the domain of tea to offer the best possible products to the Indian as well as global tea drinkers.

In the upcoming year, Susmita is planning to set up a state-of-theart Tea Experience Center involving tea that she believes will change the way Indian Tea is looked upon. She is actively looking for passionate investors to join hands with her in making these come true.