Techaroha: Partnering with Businesses in their Blockchain Journey

Shailendra Bramhvanshi,FounderThe ideation behind Mumbai based Techaroha has an interesting story to be told. The concept took shape with a small proprietary firm named “The Missing Floor” founded by Shailendra, Umesh and Sagar. Initially, they worked as SugarCRM experts(LAMP based web-application). As the business started to grow, they increased manpower and expanded their technologies from web based to mobile based applications. They registered the company under the name of Techaroha where Tech is (Technology)and Aroha is ascent. In 2017, the trio participated in ICICI Appathon, where they were selected amongst the top 10 finalists. Later,during a speech by fintech experts, they came across the promising future of blockchain after which they started studying blockchain.“We further to deepen deepen our research in blockchain started writing blogs, got some training. With a bit of marketing, we got our first clients in just few days and we ventured into Block Chain space. Since then, there was no looking back,” speaks Shailendra Bramhvanshi, Founder.

With a team full of tech enthusiasts, Techaroha got their first lead of
blockchain from digital marketing and it was just a beginning of new revolution. In 2017, when cryptocurrency started booming in market, they started getting more leads from online sources and from references of their customers. Over the years, the company has added lot of knowledge based in the internet over blockchain and has delivered more than 15 projects in this space. “While majority of the people seem unaware of the blockchain concept, we explain them the scope of the blockchain technology and also what would be the best fit solution considering their business requirements, says Shailendra.

Techaroha is known to be the experts in cryptocurrency development including developing ICOs and custom nodejs based web applications integrated with blockchain applications

Known to be the experts in cryptocurrency development including developing ICOs and custom nodejs based web applications integrated with blockchain applications, team Techarohacaters its services to corporates or individuals who own big businesses. The company strives to penetrate into government sector and streamline many operations using blockchain. Further, the team wishes to connect to providers like document
verification, resume processor and develop the solution which will be well integrated with blockchain and reduce the cost and save the environment as well. “As far as blockchain is concerned, our major services include Coin Development, ICO Launch and Exchange Development. With so many projects delivered by our team, we can deliver ICO and Coin Development within a short span of 10 days,” he informs.

The team full of tech geeks well versed in blockchain technology smoothly deals with the complex architecture of development in peer to peer distributed network. In fact, the team has developed a distributed application for Document Processing in with reduced cost and improve efficiency with zero percent vulnerability to attacks.

An Edge above Others
Carving a niche in the blockchain space, Techaroha has prestigious clients from Mumbai, Delhi, Karnataka in India and international clients from Australia, South Africa, Singapore and the U.S. With so much developments happening, the primary target of Techaroha is to become one of such blockchain companies which can solve major real-life problems using blockchain. “Blockchain is the next revolution like internet and we want to bring it in to the life of common man.Our current target is to focus on revenue generation. Once we have good money to focus on blockchainsolution, we will start working on them. Mostly next year it will start,” mentions Shailendra.