The Event Konsultants: One Stop Event & Exhibition Solution Partner

Jaeraj Survey, Founder & CEO

Jaeraj Survey

Founder & CEO

For any event to be successful, planning and management are the crucial aspects. One such company that adheres to this ideology is ‘The Event Konsultants.’Its founder, Jaeraj Surve, comes with a robust event management experience, where he has worked with several organizations right from junior level to management level. During his tenure, he witnessed a rapid transformation, where many events and advertising agencies were looking forward to external expertise to manage their prestigious events and exhibitions. That’s when he decided to establish an event production house with all in-house facilities required by an agency.

In 2017, came forth The Event Konsultants, a complete event production house for the event and advertising agencies, intending to fill in the gap between agencies & vendors. The aim was to deliver services from the initial site to complete event execution with the most experienced event production and operations team for Advertising & Event Agencies.

Today, the major challenge faced by this vibrant industry lacks professionalism among vendors and suppliers. ‘The Event Konsultants’ taking it a step ahead has come up with a one stop solution that offers Professionalism and quality. The company is trying to seep in new ideas to create a whole new segment of Event Production House in
the industry, and once the trend is set, they will have the first mover advantage. “We at The Event Konsultants also keep a futuristic outlook towards the latest trends and technological ideas in the event industry. This helps us to stay a step ahead of the others,” reveals Jaeraj. The company doesn’t term itself as an event agency or a vendor/supplier. The founder proclaims it as a fully integrated event production house that takes turnkey projects from agencies and gives end-to-end event production management services. That makes them a perfect partner to count on, for all agencies. Hence, Jaeraj Surve calls ‘The Event Konsultants’ as ‘The One stop shop that offers all events and exhibitions solutions to the event and advertising agencies’. He says “There are only a handful of such event production houses in our country and hence, this becomes our competitive advantage in the industry.”

The Journey of Growth
Since its inception days, the company has had a stunning growth, and it is looking forward, to achieve more in the coming years. The company is parallel to the future outlook of the industry, where most agencies would prefer outsourcing their event operations work to an event production house that takes care of everything, from planning to execution. The Event Konsultants coming to the rescue gives by far a cost effective option for agencies as they get the expedient vendor rates without embodying their inhouse operation team. The team has delivered some very high profile projects like ESL One (International LAN Gaming Event for the 1st time in India), Celeb & Politician Wedding of 2018, Top Gear Awards (Event Partner for 2018 & 2019), Kotak Mutual Funds awards (Multicity with artist like Shaan, Sachin Jigar) and many more.

Scaling new heights, The Event Konsultants has gradually initiated a brand presence in the event and advertising industry. As of now, it operates from Mumbai with steady growth & workforce. Also, it is looking forward to expand its team this year! “An event production house is a completely new concept in the country’s event management industry. We would turn this into a new service category for the next generation and will enjoy a first mover advantage as the concept catches on,” concludes Jaeraj, excitingly.