TheFixedIncome: Creating New Pathways in the Bonds Market with Technology & Transparency

 Tirth Shah,  CEOThe financial products market is experiencing huge growth in India influenced by a number of factors. First is the emergence of various kinds of products that are making the consumers invest with a large number of choices at hand. Second, is the growth of technology through which consumers can be properly educated about the products and have an idea about their investment portfolio. Especially in the debt market of the country, the growth has been significant. However, earlier bond investments were only restricted to HNIs and the institutional market. This was primarily because the retail consumer market did not have access to the information regarding these products. THEFIXEDINCOME observed this gap in the industry and started off with a platform that offers bond investment options to everyone. The idea of the company is mainly to help its clients create a diverse investment portfolio and provide them with various kinds of investment options into the fixed income space.

THEFIXEDINCOME was established with the sole purpose of becoming a comprehensive hub offering all fixed-income market products in one place. Currently, the platform provides products like Corporate Bonds, Government Bonds & SGS (State Government Securities), Bond Public Issues, and Sovereign Gold Bonds.

Standing Out
As a start-up, the company knows that the bond market is in its initial growth phase. Therefore its primary focus is to educate the clients who get onboarded into the platform. To achieve this, it has introduced a dedicated value initiative program called the Bond Guru, which provides in-depth knowledge about bonds at the fingertips. “First and foremost, while engaging with clients, we bring in that human touch by providing them with a clear understanding of the bond market and assisting them in resolving their queries, if they have any”, states Tirth Shah, CEO, THEFIXEDINCOME.

We are committed to deliver the best service in fixed income space with utmost trust & transparency. Experience the difference, because at THEFIXEDINCOME, we're Changing the Way India Invests in Bonds by making investing easier, smarter, & more accessible for everyone

Secondly, the company is backed by Tipsons Group, which has 30 years of extensive experience in the financial domain. This means that all the products that the company offers are well-researched and carefully curated by vetted professionals enabling investors to derive optimal benefits. “Thirdly, we are a tech-driven platform that makes investments easily accessible to our clients in a user friendly manner. To keep pace with the changing trends, we remain proactive by investing in research and analysis, leveraging advanced technology and data analytics to identify investment opportunities", shares Tirth.

Mission & Vision
THEFIXEDINCOME's mission is to empower investors with the knowledge and confidence they need to make sound bond investment decisions. Leveraging extensive experience, the company provides the best prices and curated bond options. Investors can select from a wide array of over 200 bonds. The company offers a wealth of resources, including educational content, tools, and insights, to help investors make informed decisions. It ensures that the investor's investment journey takes place seamlessly. Not all investors are alike. So, THEFIXEDINCOME offers personalized solutions for investors of all levels and ensures their security and support, fostering trust and confidence. “Our positioning strategy revolves around bridging the gap between time-tested expertise and modern investor needs. We offer a trusted, transparent, and accessible platform that empowers investors to make the most of bond market opportunities”, concludes the CEO.