Theomics International: Built on Highest Knowledge Acumen & Process Excellence

The genomics industry that includes both products and services in India is estimated to be more than 600 crores and is increasing at 25-30% every year. Genomic techniques are widely used in clinical settings and have influenced the study of infectious disease, inherited disease, and cancer by conducting a meta-analysis on new analytic and enhancing the turnaround time as compared to the conventional approach.

The result of low cost and low turnaround DNA sequencing has resulted in the generation of an enormous amount of data which is a gold mine for research and discovery potential. The development of novel algorithms, meta-analysis of sequencing data, and development of databases are also potential business opportunities as a result of expanding genomics market in India.

Theomics is an independent initiative as a genomics and data science Bangalore-based company founded in 2019 by Madavan Vasudevan, a Microbiologist from Madurai Kamarajar University with 20+ years of industry experience. His inclination towards computational biology led him to be one of the early entrants in Bioinformatics research and services in India way back in 2000 under the mentorship of eminent scientists in DSQ Biotech in Chennai. Further, he moved to Bangalore as a part of his career growth and contributed to the growth of few genomics and bioinformatics organizations from 2002 ­ 2011.

Having contributed more than a decade to various organizations' success, he co-founded A Genomics and Bioinformatics Company as a part of his first entrepreneurial initiative. He has to his credit of authoring more than 55 peer-reviewed publications in international journals and have collaborated with top-notch scientists in both India and Abroad as a part of his career.

Theomics core focus is on providing relentless genomics services to the exponentially growing academic clinical and
pharmaceutical research market. Commensurately, Theomics is developing products for accelerating research related to the discovery of prognostic, diagnostic, potential drug targets for certain cancer and metabolic disorders.

Theomics has partnered with global organizations on conducting genomics-based microbial surveillance, which promises to identify emerging antibiotic-resistant pathogens and pandemic threats like COVID-19. As a startup, it intends to take up niche and large-scale projects, providing maximum time and attention to ensure quick delivery at low cost. It aims to take up niche and challenging projects related to genomics and data analytics services that might lead to high-impact publications/patents/actionable findings.

Theomics is an independent initiative as a genomics and data science Bangalore-based company founded in 2019 by Madavan Vasudevan, a Microbiologist from Madurai Kamarajar University with 20+ years of industry experience

Theomics is practicing distributed engagement model which engages selected partners with core expertise in various genomics applications. The advantage of this model is in providing relentless genomics services at a very low cost and turnaround time. This model also allows Theomics to engage the clients actively in understanding their translational focus while the partners will focus on generating high-quality genomics data. The model is a low capital, low risk, and higher profit model, allowing Theomics not only to provide its core Genomics and Data Science services but also take up projects related to Proteomics, Metabolomics, Glycomics, and Bioinformatics services.

As a startup, Theomics is one of the companies that survived the COVID-19 pandemic and has illustrated stability and more than 100% growth YOY as of date. Since its inception, it has served 50+ clients without any geographical expansion and is keenly awaiting a post-COVID-19 pandemic situation for expansion and growth as it will increase its mobility and global outreach programs. Further, as the organization forges ahead to reach new heights, it is looking forward to expanding the team and infrastructure to cater to large projects/clients from small to medium projects currently being executed. It is expecting an earlier end of Pandemic and Investors interest to ensure Theomics sets in the trajectory and continue more than 100% YOY for many years to come.