Toutche: Smart Way to Beat Traffic

Raghu K & Mahesha H.S,Co-Founders

Mahesh H.S

Co-Founder & Chief Engineer

Heavy traffic and messy commutes are so common at present. Though technology and digital turnings are bringing up several options such as ride bookings and amazing mobility services, we continue to face problems with commuting. From a wider perspective, the massive population of the country and urbanization is leading to increased vehicular traffic making intercity commute arduous. However, the birth of Toutche took place by the experimental minds of Raghu & Mahesh, to solve at least a small part of this multiplying problem.

Toutche's mission is to significantly reduce 4-wheeled vehicles on Indian roads, by getting people out of their cars/SUVs onto its "Traffic & Pollution Busters". "We believe the right mix of personal mobility, shared mobility, and mass-rapid-transit systems will be the key to build an efficient urban transport system in India. That's how our pursuit to build best-in-class Electric two-wheelers took shape in the form of Toutche. Electric Bicycle is the first form that we have embarked on. Bicycles also bring the dimension of an active lifestyle, which is very close to our hearts," says the Raghu K, Co-Founder & CEO.

With this disruptive motto, Raghu and Mahesh decided to build an electric bicycle, back in 2014. Their aim, to build a product that takes up less road space, is environment-friendly, better suited for a certain type of uses and aesthetically pleasing. After umpteen efforts, multiple trails and experiments, Toutche is now in the market with its Heileo range of Electric
Bicycles that offer unmatched riding experience and bringing a bit of joy into daily commuting for many people.

"We have two styles in Heileo to cater to the specific needs of our customers ­ Mountain and Hybrid. The Mountain style (M100, M200) offers versatile bikes that are suitable for both daily commuting rides and off-roading as well. The Hybrid style (H200) is one for commuting and long road rides," informs Mahesh Co-Founder & Chief Engineer.

The brand offers unmatched riding experience with High-Quality Bicycles led by Intelligent Technology. The state-of-art products of the company have gained declarations such as "Best looking", "Top Quality", "Far Superior to Competition" from independent reviewers, premier bicycle dealers, and customers.

Raghu Kerakatty,CEO

With its customer base primarily in cities like Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Goa, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Mysore, Nagpur amongst others, Toutche sees majority of its demand continuing to come from larger cities. However, in the recent weeks it has witnessed a big spike in demand including that from smaller towns as well. The key in all this are happy customers, which Toutche places utmost priority to build and nurture. "It is so much better than sitting in traffic, offers convenience, and even cuts travel time in certain cases. We find it very therapeutic as well," is what one customer feels about commuting with the Toutche bike.

Toutche has been predominantly bootstrapped since its inception. The cofounding team has brought in most of the investments so far. Toutche recently raised funding from friends and has a few angel investors ready to come on board. Commenting on the roadmap, the founding team says, "We will take one step at a time, and get better after each. Over the next few years, as the electric bicycle market in India takes shape, our goal is to see Heileo recognized as the best electric bicycle brand in the Indian market. For the next few months, in addition to extensive efforts on product development, we will focus on scaling sales (across Online and Retail channels), expanding service facility to touch 25 cities by the end of the year and delivering a more engaged customer experience.