Upword Media Services: Making Content Memorable

Namrata Kothari, Founder“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist. When we believe in something the force of our convictions will spark other people’s interest and motivate them to help us achieve our goals. This is essential to success. Such is the story of Namrata Kothari. While Namrata was always good at writing, the conventional wisdom that a person good at maths should choose to become an engineer, led her to follow the career as a Software Engineer. It took a career-threatening break for her to rekindle the passion for the written word. Eventually, she started her blog which was soon recognized for its creativity and humour. She was even offered to work as a freelancer. Some soul searching further fuelled her zeal to zero in upon creating her venture which in due course laid the foundation of Upword Media Services in November 2017. Upword Media was conceived to make content fun, memorable and well-researched. “I believe that while a subject could be boring and dull, writing and reading it shouldn’t be. With some quirky and fun writing style, we strive to make content engaging and value driven,”says Namrata.

The company provides content strategy and marketing and copywriting services for Marketing Agencies and Businesses. It offers
a wide range of services that are available ala-carte as well as monthly plans. The services include articles, blogs, copywriting, eBook, email newsletters, brochures, social media, SEO, content marketing and website content. “We take an assignment with a consulting mindset. Clients usually approach a small content creation company with specific requirements in mind. With us, they get content strategy and consulting as a bonus with content creation,” she mentions.

Upword Media Services provides content strategy and marketing and copywriting services for Marketing Agencies and Businesses

The Silver Lining

As a boutique firm, team Upword Media follows a strict guideline for each piece of content that they submit. They encourage a continuous feedback loop with the clients and are agile to implement any improvement ideas. The team significantly invests in understanding the clients. They conduct a thorough audience research, market and competitor analysis and assign Subject Matter Experts for the client niche. “We first find the right tone, style, length, topics and keywords for the client with our research before we begin an assignment. We ensure that our research is intensive and editing and proofreading error free. Our work is 100 percent plagiarism free, creative and fun to read,” says Namrata.

Over the years, the company has worked with a broad spectrum of clientssome of which include international brands to small startups, including Prestige Cookware, Ebizon Technologies, Migraine Again, Vedi Herbals, SleepyCat Sleep Solutions, Healthline magazine, Juicy Chemistry, and Dr Charcoal. Besides, it also writes content strategy blog articles for online magazines like, Inc42 and Entrepreneur India.

Team Upword is a virtual team that is spread across India and collaborate online. The company houses expert writers with more than 5 years of writing experience in the niche of Health, Technology, Food, Lifestyle, Ayurveda, Startups and content marketing. “At present, we provide content and social media services to our clients. Over the next couple of years, we would like to consolidate and become a brand to reckon with. We also get a lot of enquiries about writing Ad scripts, website development and PR services. Soon, we want to able to provide the whole nine yards of marketing services,” concludes Namrata.