Vedant Speciality Packaging: Scientific & Mechanical Solutions to Boost Crop Productivity

Ravi Bhutada         , Managing Partner

Ravi Bhutada

Managing Partner

The increasing population and the consequent rise in the demand for agricultural products are considered to be the prime drivers for the diversified agriculture sector. As agriculture in India is considered to be the one of the largest occupations with enormous opportunities for a bright future ahead, the sector lags behind in creating values driven by latest technology and scientific solutions. The country is a large importer of mechanical solutions such as mulch film which is applied in land to protect the large variety of crops. The mulching film product in India imported comes from the countries of Israel & Taiwan at an extensive amount. Observing the huge demand for the product among the farming community and the lack of a company offering such product, a Nasik based agriculture company, Vedant Speciality Packaging came up with the idea to provide this unique product along with other packaging services in order to beat the competition created by the importer countries and helps the farmers out.

Solutions with Specialized Applications

With a revenue generation of 35 percent per annum Vedant aims to achieve a brand value of 100 crores by 2024

The journey of Vedant Speciality Packaging started four years back when Ravi Bhutada was working with a company in the poly house filming segment. While working he noticed the growing demand for mulching film product which had opportunities to become one of the upcoming market in the agricultural sector. Speaking on this, Ravi says, “While working in the developmental site I noticed the huge potential to grow in the agricultural domain. Also seeing the rising demand for the mulching film product I decided to leverage my years of experience and help them with it.” Commencing B2C activities at an early stage, Vedant Speciality started off with creating direct point of contact with farmers who were already using the imported product. Claiming Mulching Film as the flagship offering, the company aims to provide its farmers with favourable conditions for plant growth, development and efficient crop production. Using drip irrigation method Vedant also tries to help the farmers in controlling the weed, water evaporation and others that may harm or affect the overall growth of plants. “Through mulching film we try to create the control atmosphere on the ground so that the crop that is developed from the basic root and
helps in its qualitative & quantitative growth,” avers Ravi.

Additionally, the company also offers its allied services in packaging activities too. Along with farmers Vedant also renders its products to pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries with applications like shrimp film, speciality films, polyhouse films, vegetable cut bags, fruit cover and others. Aiming to develop a comprehensive end-to-end solution, the company strives to be a valuable partner in the supply chain management system.

Comprehensive end to end Solution

Established as a support pillar to the farm producers, Vedant converts farmers’ business into social entrepreneurship. The company with a team of 13 member expertise is working on a particular product based on protective farming and leverage it by next year itself. Catering to almost all the states like Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra and others, the company aims to be a brand name with its specialized product and be the number one company in the country. With a revenue generation of 35 percent per annum Vedant aims to achieve a brand value of 100 crores by 2024. “We want to create a stock point and enable joint venture or partnership business with respective locations. Once the GST comes in we register ourselves with the states and offer our services. In the next three years we will be catering to every state and some parts of Africa,” concludes Ravi.