Xenon Stack: Deriving Utmost Value from Analytics by Innovatively Customizing Stack

Navdeep Singh Gill, FounderThe amalgamation of Big Data and IoT is making a giant wave to an extent where it is deemed as the next electronics. Automation being the key, this wave is expected to transform several major sectors including especially manufacturing, healthcare, retail and BPO. Poised precisely to bank on this opportunity is XenonStack, a next generation data science company. The Chandigarh headquartered company enables customers to derive maximum value out of analytics by customizing the stack according to the needs of industry and the specific solution, as opposed to other vendors who insist customers to adapt to their platforms.

The Steady Rise

After gaining ten years of experience in telecommunications industry, Navdeep Singh Gill, the founder of XenonStack started exploring cloud. Resultantly, he founded Arcadian Technocrats Consultancy Services, a cloud computing company, in 2012 to develop business solutions in telecom, healthcare and retail industries. As his passion for data
came to the fore again, along with his colleagues he started working on big data for football world cup. As Navdeep’s love for big data grew stronger and stronger, he instigated XenonStack in 2014 to serve a Hong Kong based telecom client for processing and building analytics tool along with Hadoop cluster management and migration of data on cloud and premises standalone servers. Astonishing the client with impressive results endowed XenonStack with more clients including another Hong Kong based major telecom provider and a cloud service provider.

XenonStack is building an app, which would allow people to identify whether they are allergic to a certain medication by matching their DNA with the medicine

Innovating Everyday

Although, initially Navdeep struggled to retain experienced employees, soon he learnt that it is best to hire, train and motivate fresh minds, while keeping experienced people as consultants. XenonStack is keen on laying a strong foundation to an open and innovative culture that encourages its people to take responsibility for their tasks. This way the 12 people strong company is building a robust environment for future employees. In the extremely open and flexible milieu, people are
empowered to think freely and kept motivated by often sharing success stories and challenges faced in the IoT & Big data arena. “Since we need our people to innovate on a daily basis, we cautiously hire people who believe in our ideas, system and culture,” says Navdeep Singh Gill, Founder, Chief Technology Architect and VP-Strategy, XenonStack.

Next-Gen Solutions

Aside from offering big data analytics platforms for enterprises, XenonStack also facilitates customers to build and deploy big data on cloud and enables an IoT platform, where customers can integrate their devices automatically and leverage analytics. The company is also building an app, which would allow people to identify whether they are allergic to a certain medication by matching their DNA with the medicine. This will be a simple app offered for just $2. Currently, the company is shedding spotlight on five projects based on IoT, Hadoop and OpenStack platforms to Provide SMAC Solutions in Healthcare, Telecom, Energy, Retail and Banking. The company aims to open a branch in Bangalore to be close with customers. As large corporations are seeking talented startups that work on next generation technologies, XenonStack is moulding it self to deliver to their needs.