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Avinash Saurabh,Founder & CEO

Avinash Saurabh

Founder & CEO

As the professional world grows ever more complex, diverse and ambiguous, traditional models of working have started to give way to more flexible forms of organization. The greatest asset for any organization is its people. But with the ongoing changing workforce demographics, and skills shortages, capable & fit people have become a scarce resource for organizations. The protection & promotion of employee’s well-being today has become the most powerful way to enhance performance & productivity. And in this context, the role of HR seems to be changing. Furthermore, noticing the fast pacing technology, automation & predictive analytics is likely to take over most of the core HR activities in the coming years, the role of HR will move to a holistic employee life cycle management. Foreseeing this growing trend, many companies have ushered in the respective space with their own habit building & tracking apps to help the professional community for developing healthier life choices.

Measuring Happiness through Habits

One such emerging player in the HR Technology space is Founded in 2012, with the mission to ‘measurably improve happiness in the world’, the company believes that the way to measure happiness is through habits. Explicating on the same, Avinash Saurabh, Founder & CEO,, says, “We believe that the habits that we possess have a fundamental impact on our well-being & happiness. Believing that well-being will be a major part of the changing role, we are focused on building towards that future.” Pinpointing that a healthy lifestyle can be surprisingly difficult to achieve, through its cloud and mobile based wellness platform uses game mechanics & behavior modelling to engage users and makes them understand health benefits. Making wellness as an employee engagement strategy, the company through its unique implications of ‘Powerful technology, Gamification & Social Engagement’ app assist organizations in achieving the impeccable by bringing a positive change in the employee’s habits. The unique platform enables the users to form habits that are related to fitness, mindfulness, maintain work-life balance and also helps in setting up virtual challenges with its peer networks. Focused on helping companies with positive behavioural change, has not only been able to aid employees to create a meaningful change in their lives but also has helped the organizations to drive outcomes. With the agenda of helping employees through trusted social networks & behavioural economic practices, Avinash avers, “Our dedication has always been to make our clients successful. Our entire effort is to understand the customer needs and address

Think, Act & Grow

Headquartered in Bangalore with a team of 30 member expertise and identifying culture as the bottom line, the company has created a culture playbook that outlines their value on ‘Think, Act & Grow’. Growing over 400 percent year on year, Zoojoo.Be’s wellness app is today available on both Android & iOS platforms and has 190,000+ users.

Growing over 400 percent year on year,’s wellness app is today available on both Android & iOS platforms and has 190,000+ users

Currently, having clients across five countries, the company has also raised funds from RoundGlass Partners and has tied up with Mindtree, HP, ITC & others. According to a report by SHRM on the impact of behaviour change on’s platform, it states that habit formation of has led to 26 percent reduction in stress levels, 16 percent increase in job satisfaction and 13 percent are likely to stay within the organization. Incubated by great mentors at NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore at the very beginning, Avinash concludes, “In the next few years we will consolidate our learning by expanding the technology. We are also trying to increase the customer base across geographies.”