Data for Decisions: Complete Solutions for Data Driven Business Decisions

Advanced data analytics processes like predictive analytics and data mining have given a major boost to the development of global big data and business analytics (BDA) market. Data driven solutions are primary to the entire business ecosystem and when it comes to the manufacturing, supply chain - data plays a major role in performing operations at every part of the process. However, current scenario most of the industry faces technical problems while availing required services from a provider in this segment. The unavailability of real time and reliable data is makes it more problematic for the organization to handle business problems and make right decisions instantly. This is where Data for Decisions ventured into this segment in order to bring about a completely different solution to fulfil real time data demand.

Shashi Raja, Chief Revenue Enabler, Data for Decisions states, "We came up with the solutions which we are catering as platform to harness and provide the real-time and right set of data for respective stakeholders in business. Currently, we are enabling this platform in the Ag input industry and its supply and moving forward, we have roadmap to extend our offerings to other industry as well, such as Pharma etc. There are a lot of factors that come into play while attending to the industry's needs as the demands can be created from anywhere in the country which needs to be attended within a specific deadline which makes real time data very important to the proper functioning of the business."

Our primary task at hand is the make all the segments of an industry get interconnected

Eyes on Digital Transformation
Being a new generation start-up, Data for Decisions is determined to bring about a change in the way data is seen and analysed in the industry. For that, a user friendly platform is required which can provide information to each and every stakeholder in industry and supply chain in a seamless manner. The company provides the exactly the same.

Though the company is currently providing services to one industry, the platform they have come up with is universal. It can be implemented to any kind of market and the final outcome will always be driven by real time data processing and analytics. Shashi mentions, "Our primary task at hand is the make all the segments of an industry get interconnected. On one hand, the IT sector has adapted to the advanced technology very steadily but not all the sectors are so computer savvy. This is what motivates us to achieve our goals the most."

Future Projections
The chief promoter of the company is Vishwanath K M and Veeresh Vastrad who are industry experts with technology experience of more than 15 to 20 years. There are other stakeholders in the company who are also industry experts with supply chain experience of more than 30 years. Looking ahead, the company wants to set foot into the international market as they are already started fulfilling the demand of the companies in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Dubai, China and others. Speaking about the future plans of the company, Shashi concludes, "We want to take our company to the next level by catering to the diverse demands in the industry and on-board more and more customers and provide right data solutions in more cost effective ways in the coming days. Sure this will enable data is affordable for every need of business within in the boundaries of data privacy."