Enroute to a career guide for the millenials

What are the upcoming career opportunities for students or people who are looking to change their career?
In a country like ours, what could possibly be the best career option for a fresh graduate till a few years ago, ought to be having an MBA degree. And for someone who has been going through a mid job-life crisis has startup as a prolific option to dive into without a second thought. But do we all want to be an MBA graduate or even in that case skilled enough to start a company on spur of moment. The digital expansion has bridged this wide gap to almost diminishing the major dearth in between. The youth is heading fast with renewable energy to take over the workforce with professions that would surplus the traditional career outlook. With the internet evolution and the on-going roar in the world wide web space, there’s a pool of right career opportunities sprouting for the youth to experiment with, and which also has necessary potential to earn them bankable figures on their pay cheques. Many such openings have the prospects to help an individual sustain livelihood while having that respect and security earned from the job origin.

With the wave of change the COVID-19 pandemic brought about in the employment sector, one universal reaction that occurred is the sudden spurt in the technological front. While many job profiles became redundant, many turned out to be necessary services. From adopting a remote working environment to radically shifting career paths; in light of the changing trends, here are some job roles that are currently in high demand making a difference and coming across as lucrative career options for the enthusiastic youth.

● Freelancing – Under any specialization, freelancing is a booming indispensable form of career option to pursue, offering unlimited scope to start with. Freelancing as a content marketing consultant, as a writer, video maker, web developer, taking online classes, and many more as such has a growing demand for services in the wake of the hour. Leveling up with skills high in demand and continuing to deliver consistent value of work, there won’t be any difficulty setting the right prices for services provided.

● Graphic Designing – Graphic designing is another such ambitious profession if you’re looking for a career path that will allow you to express your creativity. The job responsibilities include developing layouts for product illustrations, creating logos for startups and companies, designing user interface and campaign art, etc. User interface & User experience designing is also gaining popularity independently as a productive resource to make money. They are important aspects in web designing weaving critical analysis to plan out with the products, its systems and services. Simply put, it’s a good idea to practice such occupations if you are skilled up, and it doesn’t even ask you to head back to school for an engineering degree to get on board.

● Animation – Animation is one of the most-sought-after career options these days. With the humongous pay cheques, career growth and an opportunity to play with your creative geniusness, animation could be the most fancy career choice for today’s youth. Turning to movies like The Lion King, Coco, Moana, Shrek and many others of its kind, popular among both children and adults, the fandom and prospects of the industry seems bright. A job in a blend of entertainment and technology concerned with design, sketching, layout and production of graphically sound and attractive multimedia clips. Texture Artist, Storyboard Artist, Rigging Artist, 2D 3D Animator, Layout Artist, etc. are a few attractive job profiles associated with the animation world. If you have sketching or artistic skills, or endow ability to express ideas through drawings, you may be the right person to pursue a career in animation.

● Digital Marketing – Digitalization and online platforms are taking over offline businesses almost entirely. The internet practice has cultivated a huge need for digital marketers within the past few years. They are specifically hired to help a company grow the business and build a brand name both on and offline. Taking into account the present trends and demands, the digital marketing specialist has a better view of the search engine algorithms, email marketing and web analytics understanding. Companies are transmuting into the digital field, progressing into eCommerce platforms. As a digital marketer, the job responsibilities include anything from SEO to social media to Google ads.

● Stock Market – Stock market has emerged as one of the most profit-making professions of all time. While other careers are getting soaked in, the stock market still has opportunities for people with both financial studies background and non-financial studies. Even though India’s stock market has enormous potential, it is still a roadmap less explored. People from any educational background can make a career with illustrated knowledge of the financial markets. There are high demands of stock analysts, financial advisors, portfolio managers etc. as stock markets are here to stay.

These are just a few options from among the vast sea of opportunities we are going to witness in the coming times. This is an ideal time to follow your passion and give life to. We are over the times when we had just medical and engineering as the only career options. Brush up your skills slow and steady, whichever suits and help you bloom eminently.