Mediapur: The Kingdom Of Cinema & Events

Sunil Sharma, Founder & DirectorThe event industry has evolved a lot in the past few years and is now re-defining itself in the view of the manifold growth of the various happenings in the commercial as well as in the non-commercial world. With modern businesses being highly influenced by image building, events are becoming a powerful tool around the world to create brand loyalty, introduce products, and generate revenue for organizations. With this rise in popularity of events, a growing number of entrepreneurs have launched event planning startups in India to upgrade the industry and develop solutions that help businesses more effectively leverage events while improving the overall consumer experience. Mumbai-based Mediapur is one such production house and corporate event planning company.

The brainchild of Sunil Sharma, Mediapur was set up in 2018 aimed at conferring clients with quality content that purely engraves their stories and themes of events in front of the audiences. "Since 2011, our existence was as an IT company named Code Serve which was into Creative and Technology. Now as we rebranded, we added more spices of Production and Event Planning to our services. We are experienced in research and planning and strive hard to serve you with the quality services. We undertake the process of writing and narrating the story, producing and directing the movies completely. We have ready-made predetermined requirements that fits various needs of commercial movies and ads. Therefore, our direction team makes sure that the story reaches to the audience," says Sunil.

The company's forte also includes arranging commercial events and exhibitions. It upturns the entire event management task and have managed hundreds of thousands of meetings and events. "We understand the current landscape of business and assure that commercial events sparkle accordingly. We manage commercial events and exhibitions smoothly by arranging the venue and flow of events appropriately. We make sure that the participation of the audience in the events is according to the theme of the event.
Delivering right theme to the right audience at the right time is the team's primary methodology. They observe the need of audience analysing the scenario of the society and market and this helps them to deliver best quality," he mentions.

Staying Ahead of the Game
Challenges in every business is in-evitable. Mediapur is no exception. In its initial days, budget management was a great task that the team had to encounter. Eventually with great zeal and ideas, they started reaping results. As time progressed, Mediapur began receiving recognition from its clients and soon it set a strong foothold in the market. "We think to upgrade the standard of the industries, change in the market is must. We are welcoming the trends to upgrade ourselves like we stepped into virtual events from physical to explore the virtual world as reach globally easily. We are keen at creativity. Though the belief of un-acceptance exists, we make use of it according to us, any idea has some aspects that can be modified and may result in success and we deem this as our USP," he avers.

Mediapur, at present, produces more than 100+ B2B & B2C events and brands each year. In total, it has created more than 1000 projects related to constructional designing and landscaping worldwide. The events and brands bring a diverse range of industries and specialist markets to life, as they have significant national & international reach and industry depth and breadth. It creates platforms for customers, partners and communities to engage, trade and grow. Since inception, the company has succeededin bagging myriad achievements. One of its recent success stories is its digital education event EduVista Summit 2020 where it acquired 25000 audience for the event with-out paid promotions.

The Journey
Over the years, Mediapur has registered steady growth in terms of revenue and clients. It is progressively connecting to world-renowned brands like Panasonic, Logitech and widening the growth in the virtual world reaching on a global scale. "We are spreading our wings in educational and finance industry by launching padhaoo and buiznest. Padhaoo is an educational social networking site to build a bridge between students and teachers across the nation and buiznest is the financial product for undertaking legal services and connecting fundraisers throughout. Also, we are taking head upto launch a video conferencing platform," he concludes.

Sunil Sharma, Founder & Director
Having started his career as a Website Developer, Sunil now continues his journey as a successful entrepreneur in the Event industry. He is keen to the niches of the plans, and has mastered the art of being calm and settled during a crisis to think wisely. While being brilliant to speckle talent, he uploads the skills like strategy planning, prototyping, coding, designing, and digital marketing, and has delivered 1000+ projects till date and many more to come in the list.

Aishwarya More, Creative & Content Head
Aishwarya's contribution in the past year ­ coordinating with the director and reflecting the ethos of the company while crafting exceptional content ­ has been instrumental in Mediapur growth journey.

Quick Facts
• Offices - Mumbai, Delhi, UK
• 100+ national and 50+ international clients
• Employee Strength - 30+ A Level Team & 100+ Interns