Develop To Coordinate & Deploy To Collaborate, To Produce Better & More Reliable Outcome

Today, deploy coding and production is maintained very well and the process is faster, smoother and accurate. Do you want to know how this issue got solved? This is due to DevOps and its tools such as Git, Ansible, Docker, Puppet, Jenkins, Chef, Nagios, and Kubernetes. They target perfectly on continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment, continuous testing. Thus, several organizations are looking forward to improve and standardize the development and operations process.

Back from 2009s conference named DevOps days to till today DevOps is evolving day-by-day and year-over-year. This concept is the hottest trends in IT Sector. When technology is the key to any business then innovations like DevOps is meant to boom. It is the latest innovation which helps in development, IT operations, quality engineering, and security.

Why is DevOps booming?
Issues like cyber security threats & attacks as well as compliance concerns are motivating many organizations to adopt DevOps in order to compete in the market with better results. DevOps promote a concept of connectivity between developers and operations. Organizations that have adopted DevOps noticed a 22 percent improvement in software quality and a 17 percent improvement in application deployment frequency and achieve a 22 percent hike in customer satisfaction. 19 percent of revenue hikes as a result of the successful DevOps implementation.

DevOps culture demands for a serious change, and further demands people to change the process in terms of people work and collaboration, to maintain stability and reliability of applications. Undoubtedly, it will accelerate and adapt to the market value and successfully create the environment for high-performing teams to further develop.

Sufficing competitive pressure and reacting & catering to the consumers needs smoothly and swiftly is what DEVOPS is for!