The Demand for Beauty without Toxicity

"A transformational shift from INSECURITIES to SECURITIES that tracks the progress of your skin and provides customized beauty products from aging to acne"

There has long been a taboo, about untouchable eyebrows, banged up pedicure, flakes on your shoulders, fuzzy hair. The societal pressure to hide all these scars was a worrisome fact. That couldn't be further from the truth. The society has transformed its thoughts and believes from narrow mindedness to broad mindedness due to deep understanding of science and technology.

In beauty, the taboos pertaining to body, hair, skin and so on were always meant to be worried and discussed but in today's context the beauty taboos are meant to whitewash the old fearful sayings. Beauty concerns are no more a difficult topic. Beauty & Skin Care market is constantly adapting on response to the latest trends. There is return of instore shopping, growth for `Taboo' products and demand for at home salon treatments that are at par evolving once again.

As personal care is the significant trend, personalized beauty options are flourishing in this digital era. Thus, demand for the beauty products have not decreased infact it has given way to many beauty startups to rise and evolve with trendy beauty products that not only emphasis on ingredients but also emphasizes on sustainability. Therefore, digitization and sustainability are customer chase trends in the Beauty Care market. Many beauty startups are wisely targeting health and environmentally conscious consumers by producing more parabens, sulfates and fragrance free products.

The change is for the people, of the people and by the people in order to put an end to another taboo that skin care is something only women should invest in and not men. Many startups have successfully come forward with products and treatments that help men to take care of their body and skin. These tremendous shifts and changes are to help people to feel like the BEST version of oneself.

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