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  • 10 Most Promising Bangalore Marketing Startups – 2019

    The ever-evolving ecosystem of startups has accelerated the growth of marketing functions in the industry. It has also optimized the trends in this niche domain of the economy. As per a report by eMarketer, the digital ad spending worldwide will reach US$375.80 by 2021. The new face of innovation and the dynamic behaviour of a consumer are liberating the marketers to choose from a plethora of options that can boost a business’ demand. Amidst the rapid digitisation, now digital marketing has become the new tool that is being employed by the companies for creating a disruption in the market. The Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru, which is a hub forstartups, has now become a home to many new ventures that are investing in this particular avenue. With more and more tools and...

10 Most Promising Bangalore Marketing Startups – 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Digibaap Digibaap Abhishek Ramesh Babu, Director A digital marketing agency that offers creative, sophisticated and strategic marketing insights
Einfach Digital Einfach Digital Pratap Krishna & Manoj kumar, Founders Brings in comprehensive digital marketing solutions by providing SEO, SEM, Social, Content & Web Development related marketing solutions
Inbounderz India Inbounderz India Sajil TG, Co-Founder Offers cost effective digital marketing services to businesses that bring real results
Mindblue Mindblue Senthil Kumar G, Founder & CEO A creative media agency working towards bridging the gap between brands and their audience, by creating data and content driven product ecosystems
Social Panga Social Panga Gaurav Arora, Co-Founder Offers end-to-end digital marketing and design services for brands
The Words Edge The Words Edge Natasha Lorraine Menezes, Founder Devises go-to-market digital strategies and high quality content for those businesses who want to create disruption in the market
Upword Media Upword Media Namrata Kothari, Founder Makes content memorable by providing Content Strategy, Content Marketing and Copy writing Services for Marketing Agencies and Businesses
Varcas Interactive Varcas Interactive Sonu Singh, CEO A creative agency that focuses on innovative designs and ideas that transforms the brand into a lifestyle
Wytti Wytti Bhavana Pandey, Founder & Chief Content Strategist Strives to craft memorable, appealing and engaging content for brands across the globe