• Pacogreen: Spearheading The Bioplastic Revolution In India
  • 10 Best Biodegrdable Products - 2023

    With the aim to paint the Mother Earth green again, adopting eco-friendly practices & products as alternatives to plastics is the first step everyone should seize within. Due to this sustainable change, there is a surge of Biodegradable products in Indian market. Their commitment to innovation, sustainability and quality caters all the needs of businesses and consumers looking for eco-friendly solutions. Understanding the significance of minimizing the environmental impact, they are coming up with various products and services that can be re-used and re-cycled without harming anything. 

10 Best Biodegrdable Products - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Pacogreen Pacogreen Abhishek Panja, Founder Finding substitutes for plastic in all ways, the company provides compostable & bio based solutions. They offer products such as compostable carry bags, courier bags, dog poop bags, fruits & vegetable bags and so on
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Abania Global Abania Global Morgan Peter Dsouza, Director Making a sustainable choice for dining, the company provides eco friendly & bio-plates. They offer eco-friendly products including bio plates, sugarcane bagasse plates, jaggery cubes, bio containers, bio cutlery and many others
Bibo Biotech Bibo Biotech Sunita Tiwari, Director Ensuring the future generations can have a cleaner & better world to live-in, the firm manufactures eco-friendly, bio compostable & bio degradable products. They offer bio-compostable products such a plates, films, bags and so on
Dr. Ved Dr. Ved Venkatesh S, Founder Explore a world of eco-friendly possibilities, the company provides bamboo-based eco-friendly products. They offer products such as bamboo toothbrush, bamboo tongue cleaner, bamboo razor, bamboo straw & so on
Eco World Craft Eco World Craft Aashish Mukherjee, Director Transforming natural materials from nature’s lap, the company provides stunning hand-designed eco-friendly products. They offer products for gifting such as placemats, multi purpose tray, coaster, rugs and many others
EKOPAK EKOPAK Uchit Gupta, Director Concerning about the usage of plastic and its irresponsible disposals, the company provides earth friendly tableware. They offer products including sustainable plates, bowls, trays, paper straws, wooden cutlery, paper cups and so on
Fresh Tableware Fresh Tableware Yash Gupta, Co-Founder As the use of eco-friendly products is gaining popularity globally, the company provides eco-friendly and biodegradable tableware products. They offer sustainable products including round, square, plates, bowls, clamshell, trays and many others
Hygienic Pack Hygienic Pack Ankur Jain, Founder & Managing Director Understanding the importance of reducing waste & ecological footprints, the company provides biodegradable & compostable products. They offer products such as wrapping paper, baking cups, muffin cups, sweet cups, crimp cups, liners & so on
Prime Packaging Prime Packaging Amar Jindal, Owner Dedicated to revolutionize the packaging industry, the company provides eco-friendly & biodegradable products. They offer products including biodegradable & compostable garbage bag roll, garbage bag, carry bag, printing bag, shade net and so on
Safetek Healthcare Safetek Healthcare Nikit Patel, CEO Preserving nature and supporting green movement, the company provides sustainable hygiene disposable products for healthcare. They offer products such as bagasse disposable tableware products, areca leaf disposable products, non-woven fabric & bags