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    Digital Streaming Platforms: Restructuring the Entertainment Industry The generation of having hectic work life and expectation to avail everything online has given way for evolution of digital streaming. Digital streaming means without downloading or buying the original audio or video file, we can watch and listen the different mediums including TV programs, podcasts and online shows using internet which is retrieved in specific web network. Due to the availability of affordable internet packages, there is remarkable increase in internet usage; further this boon has given rise to the popularity of digital streaming, where anyone can watch what they want in any preferable language. It enables the user to access the original file in any form using IoT devices and also provides...

10 Best Digital Streaming Startups - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Audio Pitara Audio Pitara Tapasya Gupta & Amit Deondi, Co-Founder Perpetrated to provide content that conveys positivity to the society, the firm enables free podcasts platform that gradually makes the listeners to connect with dramatic, historical and fictional stories. Their podcasts are not only engaging and enchanting but also rich in story telling and characterization
Broadcast1 Broadcast1 Arvina Purkayastha , Founder & CEO Provides curative & inspirational content to put across positivity, the company is enabling to explore more exclusive and impactful shows on digital platforms through mediums such as television and mobile devices
Gaatha Gaatha Rakhee Bakshee , Founder Offering the users to read and listen multi-genre stories, the company provides app based story telling platform where people can hear life lessons, inspirational stories, poems, motivational content and stories on love, humour, fiction and culture, and more
Hoopr Hoopr Gaurav Dagaonkar , Director Focusing on creating best media tech platform, the firm assists content creators and brands by providing thematic music playlists to elevate the content full of intensity & relevant music without copyright issues
Humit Humit Rohit Ganapathy , Co-Founder As a social networking application, the company shares fresh and soothing hums in podcasts and allows their listeners to share snippets from their favourite songs. They are enthusiastically building an awesome social experience around music world
Mentza Mentza Anurag Vaish , CEO A dynamic personal growth platform, the company provides live audio conversations focusing on topics such as problem solving, creativity and communication skills. It enables the user to have a regular and intense conversations with experts, proffessionals and mentors for better personel and professional growth
Moviepedia Films Moviepedia Films Shivam Sharma , Co-Founder Aspiring to democratize access to independent films and redefine filmmaking, the company is providing quality content in abundance and has designed a social film discovery content platform to appreciate & reward creators, curators as well as the viewers for their skills and talent
MyLang MyLang Vasant Shetty , Co-Founder & COO Focussing on building content in various Indian languages, the company is building a single platform for writers, creators, editors, publishers and listeners and offers them a chance to create and receive a productive content in Indian languages
Sayaji FM Sayaji FM RJ Yogesh , Founder As an online radio station, the company provides online shows with optimized options such as script writing, selecting tracks, enabling playlist and keep connected with their own listeners to entertain and create friendly environment on air
Shaku Live Shaku Live Sandeep Kumar Shakuniya , Founder All-in-one social live-streaming B2C platform, the firm offers high-quality video streaming, a live messaging chat and a digital economy to create better ways for people to engage and build independent businesses around their social content