• The Brightest Few Spotlight 2022
  • Spotlight Edition September -­ 2022

    The fact that challenges are tremendously swamping the business and industries today, is not a news to anyone, but how emerging startups are comprehending to these evolution trends is extremely appreciable. Studies affirm that even India has evolved from being in its nascent startup landscape to becoming the third largest startup ecosystem in the world, after the US and China. The scope of growth is not limited to the existing markets in this digital and technology driven world today. Companies are tapping onto new markets segments as per the needs of the consumers and even adding onto the ubiquitous products or services portfolio applying their unique and innovative concepts. Startup businesses have emerged as the growth drivers of the world's sixth-largest economy i.e India. The...

Spotlight Edition September -­ 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Abeonaz Abeonaz Abhishek Nair, Founder The core team at the company currently includes, Sales, Marketing, Operations and Finance. Each play a vital role to maintain the company’s foundation and work hard for the constant growth of the firm.
Acuflex Global Acuflex Global Acuflex, Team Providing customized solutions with a wide range of products to replace the use of single-use plastic, Acuflex is one of the leading suppliers of eco-friendly, biodegradable & compostable products.
Applify Applify Ojus Sharma, CEO We help businesses across the world grow into stronger brands by crafting digital solutions for Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Wearables, and other Digitally Connected platforms.
Devyani Mehrotra Devyani Mehrotra Devyani Mehrotra, Founder Devyani Mehrotra is an Indian designer label which seeks inspiration from various cultures and styles around the world. Our vision is to retain distinctive expressions and provide
GE3 Services GE3 Services Satyapal Singh, Executive Director GE3S we recognize that our success depends on our people. GE3S embraces differences and we recognize each employees contribution to the organization and ultimately to our ongoing success.
Pingbix Pingbix Gaurav Sinha, Director The team is a mix of core developers, designers, Sales, Presales reps, and product owners who carry the expertise and skillset required to grow the business.
Walnut Security Services Walnut Security Services Nirav Patel, Director Walnut Security Services consists of dedicated, professional experts with the constant aim to offer unique services and support to our clients.