Mental Wellness Startups: Prioritizing the Employee Engagement to RISE, RECLAIM, & EVOLVE


Regardless of being a second biggest ‘thriving’ employed populace in South Asia, 86% of Indians are witnessed with either suffering or struggling in their workplaces. South Asia holds the lowermost rate at 15% of having happy & flourishing employees and 46% of employees in corporate across India reported with life-threatening stress resulted by overworking and increased pressure.

The driving reason behind these shocking statistics focused on employee situationship and wellness has become critical in India. Never been more marked before, there is an urgent need to concentrate on mental wellness at workplaces in India. Addressing this critical issue, startups are playing vital role by championing to offer diverse mental wellness initiative, employee engagement programs, and establish mental health support system.

So, let’s delve into the article to oversee how the young workforces in India grappling with anxiety, stress, mental burnouts, its impact and simultaneously steadily the Startups are effectively underscoring the employee difficulties.

Statistics on Mental Health issues

Out of 5 employees in India, one individual is suffering from mental depression at workplace. The healthcare professionals blamed the organizations for little to zero percent employee support system and exhibiting unreasoned partiality at workplace. And remarkably the cases in the corporate sector are rising every day.

Healthcare experts from Fortis reveal that 40% of all patients coming for mental health counseling faced issues such as work-connected depression and anxiety. The major cause of the general depression is companies not recognizing employee efforts and failing to support them in maintaining balance between the work and personal life, these things results in bad performance and disconnects the interest and passion for work resulting to switch the jobs.

Similarly, CIMBS – Cosmos Institute of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences stated that, there have been 3X rise in number of working Gen Z’s who are coming with common issues including disturbed sleep, chest pain, fatigue, obesity, headaches, and mental burnouts.