Mental Wellness Startups: Prioritizing the Employee Engagement to RISE, RECLAIM, & EVOLVE


Startups Employees & their Mental Issues

More than the well-established companies, Indian startup employees are under an urgent requirement for enhanced mental wellness support. As they are new to the market, the management requires additional effort from the employees to standardize their operational and functional tasks resulting working for long hours. Along with the supplementary insecurities and instability, employees frequently face a vital mental strain without proper support system in workplace.

“Excessively long working hours were taking a toll on my family life and health”, - says Deepu Raina, young workforce who worked for 5 years in an e-commerce startup in Gurugram

The extended expectations and stretched working hours & culture leads to mental burnout, stress, anxiety, especially productivity. In some cases, due to financial recession, a few startups may delay the salaries at the initial stages. It makes tougher to the employees to maintain the mental well-being at workplace.