Jedhru Informatics: Payroll Partner for Organizations

Narayana Murthy,DirectorThe journey of Jedhru Informatics revolves around the time when Narayana Murthy was working with a Multinational firm and was handling the payroll service division for various multi-country payrolls. While working in the HR industry for almost a decade, Murthy noticed that one of the most important aspects of human capital management is to handle payroll processing. Fortifying that payroll outsourcing is considered to be the lifeline for most of the successful organization, Murthydecided to take a plunge into the entrepreneurial space. Also noticing that Payroll processing is challenging enough to provide accurate payroll results and on-time delivery, statutory compliances, and taxation, Murthy decided to leverage his knowledge that he had garnered to help the companies in managing their payroll in a way that not only keeps employees compensated and engaged with their jobs, but also measures up to various national & international challenges of payroll outsourcing services.

Thus Jedhru Informatics came into being in 2011. The company today is considered to be one of the fastest-growing outsourcing companies in the country. Analyzing that as Payroll processing is a time-consuming aspect and has become a matter of utmost importance to calculate the accurate statutory deductions & avoid hefty penalties, Murthy speaks, “It is not feasible for startup, small and midsized companies to hire a dedicated and knowledgeable resource to take care of payroll process. Jedhru believes that having accurate payroll and on-time payroll matters a lot for every organization.
Every employee wants to get paid on time and they will not be happy seeing any discrepancy than what they were expecting.By outsourcing to Jedhru, we take care of everything on behalf of customers and help them focus on their core business.” With a view to helping the customers to automate their payroll management by providing end-to-end HR outsourcing services, the company offers its services right from Monthly payroll process, lodgement, and statutory compliance to temporary & permanent staffing.Pinpointing ‘Payroll Outsourcing Services, Hiring in India without Legal Presence & HR Outsourcing’ service as its flagship offerings, Murthy mentions two of the case studies, “. Delivering Value: One of our customers was facing challenges with accuracy, consistency and statutory compliance from their existing in-house payroll process.

Consolidated Payroll: Another one was looking for a partner who could streamline their payroll process and operate with 100% accuracy. With 5 different branches, consolidation of inputs and centralization of data was also a big challenge for them. We helped them & provided solutions that enabled them to become a resource independent for non-core activities and also saved their amount of time and cost they spend on monthly payroll.”

Being a provider of a unique tool, Employee Self-Service (ESS), the company allows an employee to access the web portal and Mobile App& obtain information on payslips, reimbursements, tax information, leave policy and others. “We not only provide accurate Payroll Results but also keep our customers up-to-date on statutory changes and help them in 100% statutory complained,” avers Murthy.

For foreign companies, to start a company as small and hiring resources in India, they require a clear understanding of local culture, behaviour and comply with local business regulations and practices.Institutionalized as an HR Tech firm, Jedhru Informatics
endeavours to assist the international companies to build a niche in India and help in entire resource management from identifying, hiring and managing the resources.”With our unique support model, we not only help our customers in hiring the right skilled resources, we also transfer the cost benefit to our customers”.

Transpires to Expand its Services across India

Headquartered in Hyderabad with a team of highly experienced professionals, Jedhru Informatics focuses on providing high-quality payroll services in a timely& cost effective manner. As a one-stop solution provider, the company been providing HR Recruitment/Staffing and Payroll services to our customers for the past 5 years and built Long-Lasting Customer Relationship.

Being a provider of a unique tool, Employee Self-Service (ESS), the company allows an employee to access the web portal and Mobile App& obtain information on payslips, reimbursements, tax information, leave policy and others

The clientele of Jedhru includes ERP Analysts, Launchship, Bsol Systems & more and also serves as a referral partner to companies or individuals who want to provide payroll services as an additional benefit to their clients. Currently, having its presence in Andhra, Telangana & Karnataka, Murthy concludes, “Recently, we have introduced an additional service that helps our customer in the entire HR process from boarding employees to the separation process. We will be soon expanding our services to other states of India also.”