Maytra Noesis Advisors Private Limited: Right Solutions for Agriculture Business

Amol Navangul,MD & Founder

Amol Navangul

MD & Founder

The agriculture sector plays a vital role in the Indian economy with more than 54 percent of the population engaged in agricultural practices across the country. Though the sector is considered to is the principal means of livelihood still it is recognized as the most vulnerable sector led by continued practices of traditional forms of farming, successive failed policies, lack of political will towards land-reforms, water problems, and wrong fertilizer usage and so on.Observing the sad condition which has somehow become inefficient in terms of global standards, Amol Navagul decided to take exemplary steps with a mission to bring a worthwhile change through the encouragement of ‘Climate Smart Agriculture’ along with the implementation of better solutions driven by data-availability, financial linkage, and knowledge assistance. In 2012 Maytra Noesis Advisors Private Limited came into being as a boutique advisory and analytics company that deals completely with environmental issues to provide its clients with useful solutions and assist them with effective sustainable growth trajectory through cleantech strategies.

Improvising Agricultural Sector through Innovation, Policy & Financing
With an experience of over 25+ years in the multi-lateral professional environment, Amol opted to leverage his expertise on real social needs issues especially the key segments of ‘Energy, Infrastructure & Resources’. Despite the solutions and resources were readily available there was a lack of a proper channel to navigate them for a useful purpose.

Maytra aims to create an inclusive financial mechanism for small and marginal farmers along with adaption of organic farm practices

Speaking on this, Amol asserts, “As the society was facing serious issues due to chronic global poverty and climate change but at the same time there were the solutions and resources but no proper platform. Through this, we thought to channelize all for a useful purpose and assist in eradicating some of the problems.

”Categorizing the solutions in terms of innovations, policies, and financing, Maytra Noesis today lends its expertise by serving as an advisory body to its agricultural clients. Backed by a strong research policy and strategy inputs, the company with its team of global experts aims to assist long lasting solutions to help in increase the productivity, efficiency and sustainability in agriculture with the application of clean technology. The company offers its services in three respective domains, viz. Sustainable Cleantech Strategy, Access to Finance and Agricultural Data Analytics. With its unique
offerings,it tends help to its clients in adapting clean-technology, meet financial challenges, and provide crop & livestock insurance mainly being focussed to remove the existing market gap in real time by its own proprietary designed big-data analytic tool and application. Additionally, with its advisory solutions in Policy & Project Designing and data analytics, the company strives to help the farmers and organizations to avail climate finance along with generation of value creation.

A Global Face in ‘Green-Growth Development’

Preferred as the most trusted partner of NABARD, Maytra aims to create an inclusive financial mechanism for small and marginal farmers along with adaption of organic farm practices. Based in Pune with a team of 12 people and with expertise in smart designing & financing as well as in green-growth policy, the company today offers its services to the emerging economies of Asia, Africa & Middle East and to State & Federal Govt, Asian Development Bank, World Bank and others. Generating revenue of nearly INR 8.5 crores, Maytra has attracted more than 160 farmer bodies with bringing in 210 products and services. Exaggerating on the same, Amol concludes,“Currently, we are working in India and the SAARC regions and very soon we are planning to spread across Asia.We aim to focus on Urban & Rural Green Growth Strategies like Smart Eco-village, Urban Vertical agriculture, Green Building Design, Agriculture waste recycling, re-forestation and many others.”