Startups are Revamping Education in India

Nandini Mukherjee, Managing EditorThe current education system in India has come a long way by revolutionizing the age-old teaching methods and changing the way how education is imparted. From classrooms to smart devices, the medium of education and learning in India has gone through a paradigm shift. With over 665 Mn wireless internet subscribers (Q3 2019), India has seen a massive 14 per cent increase in the addressable base for internet services in just one year.The rapid evolvement of technology shows great learning outcomes beyond barriers; connecting teachers and students with new innovative learning methods.

Indians spend tens of billions on education every year. With disposable incomes continuing to rise, there is a massive prize for the startups that achieve success in this space.Riding this wave, scores of entrepreneurs in India have emerged in the education space over the past few years. With open-classrooms, visual presentations, and a more collaborative form of learning where students can take greater control, these start-ups are demonstrating great results when it comes to delivering education in India.

That it is necessary to let students develop their knowledge and skills through practical learning that aid them to learn faster and better, is well understood by these startups.There’s a need for continuous education that will re-skill or up-skill the workers of today for the challenges of tomorrow. Startups that provide platforms to teach, train, and engage the working population to improve their skills is doing quite well. In our current edition, we have listed “10 Best Edtech Startups.” These startups innovate faster, adapt, and cater to their end-user requirements quicker. They have enabled more individuals to explore various new skills and has allowed experienced workers to take on newer challenges in the tech industry more easily.

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