CodeGround: Customized Digital Platform - Built for Enhancing Recruitment Process

Saurabh Chawla, Bhuvan Gupta, & Hemant Agarwal,Co-FoundersHuman Resource Professionals are the unsung heroes of any organization. They play a crucial role in defining the future of the organization. Right from recruiting, to onboarding, training, promotions, payrolls, taking care of employees, building effective teams or systems, and creating a lively working environment, HR professionals definitely get to save the day and organizations… Well, they get to enjoy the fruit! With a typical ratio of one HR professional to every 100 employees, it’s no wonder most HR professionals feel overworked.

CodeGround seeing a huge potential in online assessment portals to lessen the burden on recruiters and to reduce the gap between candidates and potential employers has forayed into automating the recruitment process.“Our platform has given a new face to the conventional recruiting and has improved the hiring ratio. The overall process of hiring a quality talent is enhanced using our platform, where it eliminates the process of conducting a physical interview and saves valuable resource time. Now, recruiters can wave goodbye to painful logistics and tedious penpaper tests,”explains Hemant Agarwal,Co-Founder,CodeGround.

Code Ground incorporated in
2014,is an entity of‘Abyeti
Technologies Pvt.Ltd.’,where the directors Srinath Gunasekaran, Kumar Vikas, Pramod Kumar, Hemant Agarwal and Shankar Sathiamurthi have been instrumental in creating a unique platform that enriches the recruitment process. Code Ground online assessment platform gives top most priority to security features whereby it attracts quality candidates to the organizations and has a variety of offers that is specifically tailor made for every industry and requirements. “We take immense pride in our robust cheating prevention mechanism that includes Webcam Monitoring, Window Proctoring, Question Pooling, Randomization and Copy Detection Module. Our assessments and library is thorough and caters to a wide range of hiring, right from technical, design, organizational behavior, psychometric to even BPOs and hospitality,” says Hemant.

CodeGround offers an array of services that help transcend geographical boundaries by optimizing the hiring funnel, saving cost,and time

To this, Saurabh Chawla, Co-Founder, CodeGround,adds,“At CodeGround, we understand the value of a strong brand presence and hence make an effort to promote clients brand through both branding materials and social media promotions.”

Asynchronous Interviews - At the Comfort of Your Home
CodeGround offers an array of services that help transcend
geographical boundaries by optimizing the hiring funnel, saving cost and time. Apart from Brand Promotions that increases the credibility and recognition amongst the target audience. They conduct campus placement drives,at the comfort of the recruitment manager’s cabin. Also, they conduct Online Walk-ins by hosting public test. In addition to this, they provide end-to-end, day to day hiring with quick and easy evaluation of an ocean of candidates pouring in from different sources. “The best part of our offering is that all our services can be tweaked and customized to suit the hiring needs. Moreover, with our Asynchronous interviews, the clients can interview thousands of candidates simultaneously and the candidates also can take interviews at any time at convenient places like home,” adds Bhuvan Gupta, Co-Founder,CodeGround.

Based in Bangalore, CodeGround is growing 40-100 percent MoM and is expected to spread its wing across different countries including The Middle East & North America.“In the coming years, you may see CodeGround with its own interview module and applicant tracking systems for end-to-end services to an organization. Also, the proctoring methods would be further enhanced using machine learning to provide insightful information from webcam and screen capturing and other user behavior such as keystrokes,” concludes Hemant, explaining the roadmap.